My name is Mountaga Keita, inventor and founder of Tulip Industries Ltd, based in Conakry (GUINEA). We manufacture interactive and energy-independent medical technologies.
The healthcare sector in Africa is undergoing a tremendous transformation from traditional medicine to a modern and well…


Universal access, low student engagement, informal curriculum
alignment and limited measurability of educational outcomes are
all key problems with the current remote or virtual learning
programs undertaken in large scale public-private educational
technology deployments…

Strategy for pooled testing to scale up covid-19 testing capacity in The Gambia

The National Public Health Laboratory (NPHL) is the nerve center of the Gambia’s national anti-covid19 strategy. In recent weeks we have worked closely with colleagues at the MRC Unit the Gambia at LSHTM to develop COVID-19 diagnostic testing capacity at NPHL. As a COVID-19 testing center we can…


Africa is highly vulnerable to the current COVID-19 pandemic. While several vaccine and antiviral candidates to prevent
COVID-19 infection are currently under development, they most likely will be expensive, difficult to transport
and distribute to remote areas and not available in…

iResponse Health COVID-19 Tracker

iResponse is an AI-driven digital health platform designed to implement preventive health diagnostics, improve patient care, send out early warning and alert notification, track, predict, analyse and deal with COVID-19 infectious disease threat in Nigeria.
It helps better the human condition…


COVID-19 disease cause pulmonary infections, which could be observed by CT images of the lungs as well as chest X-ray images. Clinicians have been able to observe and diagnose similar infection such pneumonia using this approach. In fact asymptomatic breast cancer and diabetes testing can currently…

OggieAir - Powered Air Purifying Respirator

Low cost quality PAPR for use by front line health care workers, health professionals and business personnel

We are excited to share information regarding our Powered Air Purifying Respirator solution to be manufactured in our ISO 9001 compliant disability inclusive workspace in…

Aer-o-cure UV-C Tower+

The UV-C TOWER is a purpose-built commercial unit for various
screening applications with the goal of providing peace-of-mind to both
employers, employees and customers by reducing the risk of infection
through effective temperature screening and sterilization of personal…

CAD4COVID: Artificial Intelligence software for COVID-19 triage

Although SARS-CoV-2 diagnostic tests such as RT-PCR are the gold standard to confirm COVID-19, demand for PCR test-kits is extremely high and many countries face capacity limitations in the resources involved, thus timely access to rapid testing and diagnosis is critical. CT imaging has shown to be…

Citizen science-based remote parenting support for lifelong health during COVID-19 lockdown and beyond

Violence in families, including violence against children, and women are increasing in an alarming rate during COVID-19 pandemic-induced lockdown. This initiative will implement and evaluate parenting information dissemination, and interactive learning via facilitated parent-support group-based…

Aer-o-cure UV-C Mini

The UV-C MINI is a light commercial unit, perfect
for public spaces, office, home or any waiting area.
It’s designed to sanitize hand held items such as cellphones,
keys, wallets and even a PPE mask within 30
seconds using effective UV-C Ultraviolet technology.

Sanitise-O-Ring. Sanitizer dispensing bangle.

The Sanititise-O-Ring is a wearable sanitizer dispensing bangle.
It's affordability and ease-of-use makes it perfect for use by school children, health workers, general workers and the public.
It is mandatory to have sanitizer at the entrance of shops, but what about other…