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My name is Mountaga Keita, inventor and founder of Tulip Industries Ltd, based in Conakry (GUINEA). We manufacture interactive and energy-independent medical technologies.
The healthcare sector in Africa is undergoing a tremendous transformation from traditional medicine to a modern and well-structured healthcare system; Yet, Africa’s healthcare industry is characterized by a disparity between private and public sectors, both in terms of facilities and funding;
the Globalization of the world economies, with mass traffics and trades, makes it easy for pandemic outbreaks to reach a global scale, in matters of hours and days. Hence, it becomes a priority for Governments to be self-reliant and battle ready to contain those pandemic outbreaks within their borders.
TULIP INDUSTRIES, being a green technologies manufacturer, and a world class innovation company, concerned with the problems of under-equipment in hospitals, the isolation of doctors operating in remote areas, Tulip Industries has designed and manufactured an interactive terminal and a tablet health scanner, ready for telemedicine and unique: the OCTOPUS and the HEALTHSCAN.

1- Our covid-19 scanner is bringing here a cheap and renewable way to prescreen the public outdoor, the patients indoors and save lives by prioritizing urgencies. In addition, the tablets can be reused after the Sars-Cov-2 pandemic to assess remote patient’s health, assist them at home and use telemedicine as well on our GSM connected tablets. The tablets have successfully undergone and performed at clinical trials in the largest hospital in Guinea (DONKA) and currently in use to monitor patient’s health daily.
The HEALTHSCAN Tablet has successfully undergone trial tests at the covid-19 treatment center in the largest hospital in Guinea (DONKA). The Tablet is now fully deployed and used on patients at DONKA.

2- Our kiosk is an integrated general-purpose equipment, customizable for telemedicine, various sensors can provide biometric data: examination camera, ECG and thermal sensors, digital stethoscopes. Its communication platform includes real-time exchange of data, aggregating medical device data from various sensors, to offer services similar to an in-person visit. A reliable 3G/4G GSM connection is enough to interact. No major connectivity infrastructure upgrades, nor a dedicated business level service to make it functional.
Our technology makes it possible to literally transport in a regular vehicle these “mobile clinics” into urban pockets of poverty, as well as to remote rural areas nationwide, speed up patient consultations, diagnostics, allowing teleconferences, and data viewing with other medical specialists located elsewhere; The OCTOPUS also prints encrypted medical prescriptions for patents, allowing only pharmacies to digitally decrypt prescriptions, deterring patients from supplying from counterfeit medications markets
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Mountaga Keita
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Medical Devices
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TRL 9 – Being utilized by the end user
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