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The French-South African Agricultural Institute (F’SAGRI), Department of Science and Innovation (DSI), Department of Agriculture, Land Reform & Rural Development (DALRRD), French Embassy, French Ministry for Agriculture & Food & World Bank Group, through the AGTECH Innovation Challenge, is looking to recognize with innovation prizes and matching with French Institutions: 

  • Startups across five in-scope countries; and
  • Applied Researchers at South African universities.

The AGTECH Innovation Challenge under the Innovation Bridge Portal is searching for pre/post-revenue startups with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) ready for or tested in-market, and applied researchers with viable projects to participate in our virtual pitch-day.

Challenge focus areas:

  • Digitalization of supply chains
  • Food technology
  • Enhancing agricultural productivity
  • Climate-smart technologies
  • Tech-agnostic solutions are welcome

Applicants must be registered users on the Innovation Bridge Portal to access the below forms. 

Click here to apply as a startup

Click here to apply as a researcher


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