Overview of innovation
The UV-C TOWER is a purpose-built commercial unit for various
screening applications with the goal of providing peace-of-mind to both
employers, employees and customers by reducing the risk of infection
through effective temperature screening and sterilization of personal
The unit is designed to detect the face, record temperature and thereafter
allow the user to sanitize hand-held items such as cellphones, keys and
PPE masks and more in a 30 second burst using effective UV-C Ultraviolet
This simple operation involves placing items on the tray inside the box,
moving a hand over the touchless IR sensor on the side to activate the
UV-C light and 30 seconds later, sanitized belongings can be removed.
The UV-C TOWER is supplied as a stand-alone unit but can also
be installed in various back-to-back configurations to stand in open
spaces, speeding up the sterilization process for staff.
Branding can be customized for promotional awareness while driving
bespoke and real-time messaging to users during the 30 second cycle on
the LCD screen.
• Central screening station that records image and temperature of
the user while sanitizing personal items
• Reduces congestion of people during screening process
• Effectively sterilizes multiple items simultaneously
• Doubles up as a self service hand sanitizer station
• LCD Display can be used to play bespoke media solutions
• Can be linked to RFID card access control and staff monitoring
systems to enrich management information and reporting
• Effective sterilization reduces workplace risk and lowers absenteeism
• Assists employers with implementing improved, streamlined
workplace safety protocols
• Reduces infection risk and helps prevent possible site closures
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Alex Lenaerts
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Digital Tool
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Technology readiness level 6
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