Hysteroscopy is a procedure that requires the direct visualization of the uterine cavity to diagnose and treat abnormal uterine conditions. Health professionals regard it as the gold‑ standard for diagnosis because of its effectiveness and efficiency. Traditional hysteroscopy systems, and the
Our invention consists of an array of Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) sensors that are synchronized with one another. The IMU sensors measure the inertia and position of the subject within a space. The IMUs’ output is their collective measurement of inertia and forces, generating big data. The data
Background The nucleus of a cell is central to the well-being of any living organism. It stores and organises information from other cellular components and protects this information. It communicates with the rest of the cell, exchanges RNA and facilitates several important processes. The nuclear
Background Various cancers, including gynecological cancers, are becoming resistant or insensitive to platinum-based chemotherapy and consequently higher dosages are required to be effective. Unfortunately, most of these chemotherapeutic drugs cause undesirable systemic effects such as cardiac or
This technology relates to the transdermal treatment of diabetes. In particular, to a formulation for the transdermal delivery of the photoactive antidiabetic agent diosgenin that is encapsulated and protected by an oil-in-water nanoemulsion matrix for the treatment of type 11 diabetes Mellitus
The innovation is the rational combination of ezetimibe and curcumin for the treatment of colon cancer- which means one can apply a cancer therapeutic, orally. This would have significant value to the African population and solve key issues like the packaging and distribution of chemotherapeutic
The invention relates to the use of maghemite nanoparticles at pH less than 5 to remove sulphate, manganese, copper, nickel, cobalt and zinc metal ions from acid mine drainage (AMD). In conventional AMD treatment, these pollutants are only removed at higher pH, and that requires costly alkaline
Background Immortalized cell lines have been used extensively in cancer biology and as a model system to test the efficacy of vaccines, but their use is becoming increasingly limited because of extensive genetic and phenotypic variations compared to those expressed in cancer patients. Similarly
Background A Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanner applies magnetic fields to a human or animal in order to generate an image of a specific region of the body. Due to a number of internal and external effects, these fields are never completely homogeneous. Distortion of the magnetic fields may
Background: Biomedical studies (e.g., prosthetic development and injury rehabilitation), sports science research, high-performance optimization research and assessments, and bipedal or quadraped movement measurement often require accurate measurement of the forces exerted by the subject being
This system provides accurate, digital, mid-upper arm measurements for screening of severe and acute malnutrition in children, as prescribed by the World Health Organisation (WHO). The system electronically captures the appropriate measurements and then proceeds to store and analyse the data using a
The digital infantometer provides accurate digital anthropometric measurement data for tracking the development of babies. The accurate measurement of weight, recumbent length and head circumference data are prescribed by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to assess the optimal growth of babies up