North-West University
Overview of innovation

The digital infantometer  provides accurate digital anthropometric measurement data for tracking the development of babies. The accurate measurement of weight, recumbent length and head circumference data are prescribed by the WHO to assess the optimal growth of babies up to the age of 2. The system electronically captures all 3 these measurements simultaneously and then proceeds to store and analyse the data. Automatic alerts are sent to healthcare professionals (nurses, doctors or dieticians) if outliers in the data are observed.

Although infantometers are commonly used in practice, this is the first device taking electronic measurements, analyzing and reporting the data and keeping digital records that are geographically-tagged and generating trend-type data over time

Innovation Opportunity Type
Human health and social work activities
Medical Devices
Health Technologies
Technology Readiness Level
TRL 4 – Experimental prototype developed
Brochures, business plans, prospectus or other documents