Your project must address at least one of these areas:

  • primary crop and livestock production, including aquaculture
  • improving the availability and accessibility of safe, healthy and nutritious foods
  • challenges in food processing, distribution or storage, or value addition (ie. through a change in the physical state or form of the product)
  • non-food uses of crops, excluding ornamentals and crops for energy use

Who can apply?

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Mepya Logistics is a last-mile distribution and B2B e-commerce platform that simplifies the supply chain between fresh food producers, poultry producers, livestock producers, retailers and traders.

Bon Bon Engineering was founded out of need. The sugarcane industry has been on a decline for more than 2 decades, with a loss of over 60 % of cane farmers and 45% of other sugar industry related jobs. This is due to unfavourable market conditions such as distorted global prices, declining demand and the introduction of sugar taxes worldwide. Together with this, there is an increasing demand for renewable, bio-based and green products. Our business will use sugarcane to produce high value products that are in-demand, thereby circumventing the market pressures faced by the sugarcane industry.  

Postharvest table grapes are susceptible to fungal infection even when stored at the optimal temperature of −0.5°C. The most important pathogen of stored Table Grapes is grey mould, which is caused by Botrytis cinerea. Some countries fumigate their grapes with sulphur dioxide gas. However, if the...


A method of rapidly determining germination energy in harvested Barley. The technology presents a disposable pregnancy-test-type format that is fast and ideal for on site testing.

Problem Solved

Presently, within the brewing industry, no accurate means to measure levels of seed...

Aselukhanyo is an infant born into aggregation space as of June/July 2018, and has been involved in the aggregation of mainly smallholder farmers into quality conscious food companies especially other upcoming food startups. The company focuses narrowly on the smallholder farmers utilising market access and logistics enablement as services to farmers in need of both.

The company was established as a manufacturing concern into Agri-tech formerly through trying to attain the storage of meat products without refrigeration. The initial product was Frizile Package - storage container made up of

Mechro Africa is a young and dynamic company founded in Blantyre Malawi and headquartered in Johannesburg. Driven by Innovation and The Internet Of Things (IoT) we are passionate about providing best-in-class business technology services.


The Agricultural Research Council - Vegetable and Ornamental Plants (ARC-VOP), which has a solid reputation as a leader in sweet potato R&D, has developed a new variety Khumo orange-fleshed sweet potato.  A 60 gram serving of boiled roots of variety Khumo supplies the recommended daily allowance...

PhenoLAB is an online web-based analyses platform and database for wine producers. PhenoLAB incorporates highly accurate, extensive and robust analyses methods based on absorbency values for determining tannins, colour density, anthocyanins and total phenolics levels in grapes, fermenting must and...