The SA Startup Act Movement, with support from FSD Africa, commissioned a case study report to share the real-life experiences and challenges of high-growth startups in South Africa navigating the policy landscape. This research will be used to make the business case for startup policy reforms, as...

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The programme is aligned with the CSIR mandate, which aims to improve the quality of life of South Africans through multidisciplinary research and technological innovation that stimulate localisation and industrial development.

The cost of hosting these interventions is covered by a partnership between the CSIR and the Energy and Water Sector Education Training Authority (EWSETA). The only costs envisaged for the applicant, are those relating to data, travel and accommodation.

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The Township Economies event is a one-stop destination for Township entrepreneurs. The event will explore support services to the informal market sector, focusing on the challenges the entrepreneurs face. The event hopes to shed light on critical issues and help inform strategies for improving and...

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Acalytica provides a comprehensive platform for entrepreneurs to grow their businesses, with a focus on practical and hands-on courses and tools. Our tools include:

  1. Website creation tool
  2. Social Proof Marketing
  3. Website SEO Reports
  4. Web Analytics
  5. Email Marketing
  6. Courses

Acalytica was born out of the founder's frustration after attending a number of "entrepreneurship training courses" that were too theoretical and did not directly impact his startup. He noticed that training providers had to hunt around for tools to accompany their courses. To solve for this, Acalytica was formed as

The programme has three phases; 

Phase 1: Ideation & Solution Development 

  • Design Thinking & Concept Validation
  • Intellectual Property Advisory 
  • Business Model Canvas 
  • Market Viability

Phase 2: Establishment 

  • Business Plan Development 
  • Technology Verification 
  • Financial Management 
  • Prototype Design and Development

Phase 3: Commercialisation

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Intro space is an eco-friendly e-commerce store that awards buyers with both online and physical shopping. It focuses on providing a space for young entrepreneurs to come to grow and sell their products. It is an incubation that focuses on the growth and support of innovative ideas that will aid Botswana to being self-sufficient in priority to the food security of our country. Intro Space answers the problem of expensive operational costs although Botswana has Incubators, they favour well-established start-ups and one requires recognition and partnerships with big companies which are hard to

The world’s fund managers are struggling to invest $1.2 trillion in committed capital yet less than 1% of all companies ever receive funding.

Navigate Africa Ventures collaborates with global VC and PE Funds to accelerate the deployment of excess capital in Sub-Saharan Africa through signals from country and industry metrics from IPOXCap.

We are a one fresh stop for meat (we rear pigs and broilers for meat production), vegetables, fruits, pastry (homemade muffins & scones), beverages (home-brewed ginger beer), a variety of spices, and eggs. 

Botswana Innovation Hub will once again host Innovation Botswana Day, the fourth installment of Botswana Innovation Day taking place at the Hub’s Science and Technology Park. Innovation Botswana Day is an opportunity for innovators, new and existing, to showcase their works.

The platform also...

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