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We are in Polokwane and specialize in agro-processing Moringa value-added foods and beverages called Moringa Nutrika. This nutraceutical is offered mainly as a honey-flavoured powder with 10 different herbs mixed with Spirulina (blue-green algae), all flavour-masked with natural sweeteners to improve palatability and nutritional availability. Beverages are protein-rich.

The Royal Growery is a multipurpose business that primarily focuses on innovative solutions for Agriculture. One of its main focuses is Cannabis & Vertical Farming. The company has built a broad network in the agricultural community, in & out of South Africa. As a start-up business, the company has managed to gather a very powerful network of individuals along with powerful organisations. The goal of The Royal Growery is to reshape Africa, & intensively develop South Africa, through different divisions to combat many issues that South Africa faces. The Royal Growery sets out to venture into