Technology innovators that are eligible to apply are:

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Africa Agri Tech is positioned as the annual meeting point where the Southern African agricultural community can gather to explore the technological and scientific advances that will assist agribusinesses in maximising their outputs and increasing their profitability in the future.

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beAfriBusiness is a development company foundered by a young South African entrepreneur, who develops projects in the Solar, Water and Agri Sector, beAfriBusiness develops projects in countries with high scarcity of water and arable land, farmers are encouraged to use solar energy and smart Agri technology to increase produce and productivity. Water is a critical input for agricultural production and plays an important role in food security. Due to population growth, urbanization, and climate change, competition for water resources is expected to increase, with a particular impact on

The BASE architecture provides a platform that allows any human or machine resource to self-organise around activities that need them. It is self-improving, incrementally scalable, and adapts to the structure of the organisation. BASE-enabled resources and activities allow traceability, visibility...

Agriculture has increasingly incorporated and become reliant on integration & communication technology (ICT) for farming. Farmers seeking to increase profitability, efficiency, and safety of their businesses are steadily adopting the use of precision agriculture, advanced devices and robotic systems...

The AGTECH Innovation Challenge is an open event for innovative startup and applied research innovators under the Innovation Bridge Startup Community that will change the Agriculture Technology (AGTECH) landscape of Southern Africa. The challenge is an initiative of the French-South African Agricultural Institute (F’SAGRI), Department of Science and Innovation (DSI), Department of Agriculture, Land Reform & Rural Development (DALRRD), French Embassy, French Ministry for Agriculture & Food & World Bank Group. 

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Competition Rounds 

Design Round

  • Teams submit their design and business model. An independent panel of expert judges will select up to 25 teams to receive $10,000 each and advance in the competition

Finalist Round

  • Teams develop their prototypes and conduct field tests on small and medium-sized farms in Africa.


Winning teams will increase net economic value to small and medium-sized farms by:

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Nelson Mandela Bay iHub is a business incubator located in Port Elizabeth and Thembalethu, George that supports businesses in ICT. The iHub has a specific focus on technologies that have the potential to disrupt existing value chains and facilitate market access for our incubatees whilst