We are in Polokwane and specialize in agro-processing Moringa value-added foods and beverages called Moringa Nutrika. This nutraceutical is offered mainly as a honey-flavoured powder with 10 different herbs mixed with Spirulina (blue-green algae), all flavour-masked with natural sweeteners to improve palatability and nutritional availability. Beverages are protein-rich.

CDI Capital is an impact investor in local SMMEs, empowering businesses to innovate, fast-track growth, create jobs, improve lives and help build a stronger economy. CDI works with corporates, government and development agencies to invest in individual businesses through our SMME development programmes, grants, loans and equity.


  • Growth fund
  • Design Innovation Seed Fund (DISF)

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New ventures and businesses will be drawn from various industry sectors such as manufacturing, food processing, cosmetics and medicinal products, among others. The legal registration status of each business can fall into one of the following categories:

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AdamVirgo Trading is a holding company that develops innovative new ideas and solutions mainly using technologies to build them into profitable subsidiaries to sell them off to potential investors and corporate businesses.

We are a tech-centered business working alongside partners to build a vibrant, robust innovation ecosystem in support of tech-driven businesses, a B2B2C business offering innovative solutions for businesses and social economics. 

The Vuligqondo Smart and Organic Farming Model is a private company with a focus on smart and organic farming technologies. We specialize in hydroponics farming, organic farming, poultry production, egg incubator (chicks production) and solar farming system (renewable energy). We are currently working on developing high-tech irrigation system as an experimental setup for both smart and organic farming systems. 

The Research Commercialization Summit, hosted by the University of Limpopo and Nunnovation Africa Foundation, is a highly anticipated gathering that aims to foster collaboration and innovation between academia and industry stakeholders. This transformative summit serves as a platform to showcase...

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