A technology Commercialization and Innovation Ecosystem Development organization. 

API BIO develops innovative functional molecules with impactful applications in healthcare, bioremediation and agriculture.

Our molecules are derived from high-burden land-fill waste as well as other sources of organic waste from various food and manufacturing industries. Our innovations align with the following Sustainable development goals (SDG) 1, 2, 3, 6, 11, 12, 13 & 15.

We also develop Aptamer-linked molecules for highly specific and accurate diagnostic methods, efficient drug delivery, pathogen specific targeting as well as non-toxic chelates molecules designed for

This call invites consortia to apply high-quality R&D projects within all technology fields. However, the

participating countries in particular welcome project proposals in the fields of:

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Acalytica provides a comprehensive platform for entrepreneurs to grow their businesses, with a focus on practical and hands-on courses and tools. Our tools include:

  1. Website creation tool
  2. Social Proof Marketing
  3. Website SEO Reports
  4. Web Analytics
  5. Email Marketing
  6. Courses

Acalytica was born out of the founder's frustration after attending a number of "entrepreneurship training courses" that were too theoretical and did not directly impact his startup. He noticed that training providers had to hunt around for tools to accompany their courses. To solve for this, Acalytica was formed as

We are a one fresh stop for meat (we rear pigs and broilers for meat production), vegetables, fruits, pastry (homemade muffins & scones), beverages (home-brewed ginger beer), a variety of spices, and eggs. 

innobiz DUT Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation is a Durban University of Technology private entity registered under the South African Companies Act as a Non-Profit Company (NPC). The entity serves as an umbrella body for all DUT entrepreneurial units offering both theoretical and technical entrepreneurial learning, business support, and related activities. The offerings of innobiz DUT Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation are biased towards students based in Midlands and Durban, neighboring communities, and local entrepreneurs. Our core business is to produce entrepreneurs with a

Prince Castle focuses on the production of braai Charcoal and briquettes/wood within Namibia and in SADC.

A. Promise Investment is a standard and honorable registered start-up company with a vision to bring the best, environmentally sustainable, affordable clean green energy products and fuels with more advanced efficient technological systems and engineering applicable products to the construction, mining, transportation and road, marine, and agriculture industries, as well as local clients. We seek to reduce carbon footprint emissions, clear land fills, raise awareness of environmental sustainability and preservation, and produce green end products by reusing polymer waste through pyrolysis. We

We into farming, we have a farming app. We in Tech and AI, we do Drones manufacturing. 

We organically grow cabbage and we are looking into processing it for the global market.