South Africa
Overview of innovation
The Sanititise-O-Ring is a wearable sanitizer dispensing bangle.
It's affordability and ease-of-use makes it perfect for use by school children, health workers, general workers and the public.
It is mandatory to have sanitizer at the entrance of shops, but what about other potential forms and places of infection such as money, public transport and toilets, door knobs and stairway railing just to name a few.
It is crucial to have sanitizer with us at all times, but sanitizer bottles can be uncomfortable to carry around and can easily be forgotten. If you wear a Sanitise-O-Ring, you will always have sanitizer close at hand. The Sanitise-O-Ring is refillable, comes in various colors and can be sold for under R10.
It is manufactured locally by the community from non-toxic PVC tube that is filled with sanitizer, soap or other liquid and fitted onto a person's wrist. To dispense the contents, simply squeeze the bangle over your open hand.
Keeping one's hands clean and germ-free is proven the best way to stop the spread of Covid.
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Christo Rossouw
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Medical Devices
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Technology readiness level 7
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