Overview of innovation
My innovation gathers real time data of interactions and contact between people as they go about their daily lives. This information is stored in a secure server used by the medical department to protect identity.

When a person who has this app running on their smart phone is tested positive for COVID-19, medical personell can then retrieve their app ID and access the data which will tell them who the person was recently in contact with for the past 31 days.

Through the app a health personel can contact the potentially infected people and find out if they are experiencing any symptoms and help them quickly.

This helps curb the spread of the virus before it spreads further, this way the department can know exactly where to look and apply their resources.

This is app is meant for everyone having any kind of interactions with other people, be it work, school, shopping etc.

The user will register then activate the app, put it in their pocket and go about their daily lives. The app will automatically upload contact data by identifying mobile phones amd automatic notifications can be enabled to let users know if they had interacted with a person who has tested positive for COVID.
Name of Developer
Brian Kgosiemang
Primary Organisation
The Brian Kgosiemang Factory, Inc.
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Digital Tool
Technology Readiness Level
Technology readiness level 4
Intellectual Property
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Design - Functional
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Trade secret
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