Diagnosis of a disease typically includes testing of patient samples on an appropriate diagnostic platform, and it is necessary to perform proficiency testing of these platforms regularly, so as to assure the accuracy of the results,  Professor Kana and his team at Wits have developed proficiency...

Universal access, low student engagement, informal curriculum
alignment and limited measurability of educational outcomes are
all key problems with the current remote or virtual learning
programs undertaken in large scale public-private educational
technology deployments. COVID-19 has further widened the gap
between remote, peri-urban, low-income public sector students
and private education students.

IDEA has created an outcome, data-driven and interactive virtual
school solution that is device and connectivity agnostic. Working
on a mobile phone, tablet, computer or projector the

Africa is highly vulnerable to the current COVID-19 pandemic. While several vaccine and antiviral candidates to prevent
COVID-19 infection are currently under development, they most likely will be expensive, difficult to transport
and distribute to remote areas and not available in sufficient quantities to administer to everyone. 
Our solution is to use a plant production platform to generate vaccines, antiviral drugs and other pharmaceutical proteins. We use
our production platform to rapidly make safe vaccines which are stable at ambient temperatures, easy to scale up
and inexpensive

The UV-C MINI is a light commercial unit, perfect
for public spaces, office, home or any waiting area.
It’s designed to sanitize hand held items such as cellphones,
keys, wallets and even a PPE mask within 30
seconds using effective UV-C Ultraviolet technology.
Simply place the items on the tray inside the box,
place your hand over the touchless IR sensor on the
side to activate the UV-C light and 30 secs later, the
items will be successfully sanitized. Open the box and
remove your safe, sterilised items.
The UV-C MINI can either be wall mounted
or placed on a suitable surface and

This is a screening portal in seven languages (the user can select the language based on his/her preference) for screening of COVID-19. The languages are English, isiZulu, Tshivenda, Swahili, Sesotho sa Leboa/Sepedi, Afrikkans and Igbo. The questionnaire has received the ethical clearance of the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Johannesburg. At the end of the screening suggestions are displayed based on the inputs selected by the user.

The Drycard is an affordable device invented by the University of California,Davis in USA  that enables small-scale farmers to measure the moisture content of their produce and therefore prevent mold growth and post-harvest losses.  Retailing for below US $ 1, the Drycard is an inexpensive device...

The Poultry Farmers Management System Platform  (SaveTheChicken App) combines AI, big data and big data analytics into predictive models that function in real-time by facilitating accurate, rapid detection and diagnosis of poultry diseases. The App accessed via a smartphone allows responses to be...

Setsong is made up of artisanal, handcrafted tea products that are crafted from wild-harvested, indigenous, African plants found in the natural landscapes of South Africa; more prominently within the rural areas of Limpopo. Through tea harvesting & crafting, Setsong aims to develop the economy...

Harvest Green Tea is an innovation with multiple nutrients that are fundamental for good human health. The tea is produced from a blend of edible herbs with Cymbopogon citratus c (DC. ex Nees) Stapf. (Poaceae) as the main ingredient. It is manufactured as a teabag on to which hot/warm water is...

Technovera has developed Pelebox, a smart locker system that enables patients to collect their repeat chronic medication in under 22 seconds instead of waiting hours on queues at public clinics. We are leveraging the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) through internet-enabled smart locker devices...