• 1st place - R15 000
  • 2nd place - R10 000
  • 3rd place - R 5 000


The judges will evaluate all the work presented by the teams based on the following parameters:

  • Concept 
  • Design
  • Development 
  • Presentation 
Closing date

The Part Detection App (PDA) is a mobile application that provides real-time identification of physical objects, in this case, mechanical parts belonging to a Plough. The ability to identify any part of the Plough allows the user to identify and instantly place an order for a new replacement part...

LEVELSAPP - A platform for simplified university degree selection and application: Big Future Decisions Made Easy Today

The LEVELSAPP is an information portal that helps school-leaving learners from all walks of life access a simplified university degree selection and application platform for all...

Healthcare is slowly becoming more decentralised, but budgetary and operational constraints limit the system’s efficacy. Imagine if all health care providers, institutions, support services and most importantly, the patients, could be digitally linked. EZhealthID is a mobile app designed to be a...