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AgritourZA is intended to provide a venue for 20 local innovators to showcase their businesses, draw investment, and promote an innovation community.

The AgritourZA Limpopo Innovation Platform will encourage these groups of talented innovators, academics, technologists, entrepreneurs, and designers to work together to create a sustainable, tech-driven agriculture and tourism ecosystem in Limpopo, South Africa.

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The National Science and Technology Forum (NSTF) calls for nominations for the 24th NSTF-South32 Awards. These prestigious awards focus on science, engineering and technology (SET) and innovation in South Africa (SA). South32 is the co-branding sponsor for the past six years. As such the name of the awards is the NSTF-South32 Awards.

Special Annual Theme Award: The NSTF’s theme for 2022 is ‘Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development’, in support of the international year as proclaimed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The Special Annual Theme Award for 2021/2022 will be made for an outstanding contribution to SET and innovation from research and development in the basic sciences for sustainable development. The basic sciences are defined here as the scientific disciplines of mathematics, physics, chemistry, life sciences, earth sciences and astronomy.

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The Innovation Bridge Portal, in partnership with the World Bank Group, Department of Science & Innovation, Department of Small Business Development and Thinkroom is offering 100 Entrepreneurs in each of the 5 SACU countries (Botswana, Eswatini, Lesotho, Namibia & South Africa) an opportunity to enhance their business development through a digital incubation program, Thinkubate. This Innovation Bridge Startup Community initiative will be a hybrid digital and in-person program targeting underserved entrepreneurs who normally will not have access to such world-class opportunities that are tailored to their specific needs.

Please note that registrations opened on the Innovation Bridge Portal on 15 November 2021 and close on the 31st of January 2022 for South Africa and Namibia due to full capacity. Application deadline has been extended to 11 February 2022 for Botswana, Lesotho and eSwatini.

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bhive Enterprise Development Centre is inviting the North-West University students and entrepreneurs within the university community (60km radius around campus) to submit applications for the business incubation programme. 

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The Technology Innovation Agency (TIA) seeks to establish a database of external experts to assist with the assessment and due diligence investigation of funding proposals for projects and programmes. The external experts will provide analysis and recommendations on respective areas of specialization in terms of technical, intellectual property, legal, financial, and commercial matters as specified by the TIA investment team when requesting assessment and/ or due diligence investigation support.

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Avril Biopharma can produce milligram amounts of Rabies Glycoprotein G in fertilized eggs and seek partners in the human or veterinary vaccine and diagnostics fields who wish to commercialize products based on this reagent. Our proof of concept product was made with the Vnukovo-32 vaccine strain but any preferred strain could be produced in the same manner.

Our ideal partner would be a sponsor for commercializing diagnostic test kits, pre-clinical and clinical testing of a veterinary rabies vaccine or pre-clinical and clinical testing of a human rabies vaccine.

A sponsor with interest or existing capabilities for the production of Clean Egg or SPF Eggs in the region or a veterinary or diagnostic testing manufacturer would be ideal partners. We are also looking for University collaborations for the continued development of Rabies and other products.

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