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COOi Studios, in partnership with Growth Impact, is bridging the gap between startups and enterprises through MOONSHOT SPRINT, a workshop sponsored by the U.S. Department of State, to enable growth and innovation by connecting startups and enterprises to expand markets and networks.

MOONSHOT SPRINT is two days in length and will consist of enterprise readiness and co-creation sessions. 

Corporate Innovation Challenge:

Life Healthcare is seeking HealthTech startups with solutions for:

  • Developing a patient portal for patient registration/ onboarding, tracking of health appointments and managing billing/reimbursement claims;
  • Enabling remote monitoring of patients (e.g. vital signs) to support more pro-active care and interventions;
  • Data analytics for clinical insights and recommended actions; and
  • “Customer Relationship Management” platform for clinicians to collaborate and align on patient’s holistic health needs

Tiger Brands is seeking startups with solutions in the following areas:

  • Smart Program: smart pricing and revenue management
  • Smart Sku Tracking - smart packaging material tracking solution
  • 3rd party 2.0 - optimize and seamless onboarding automation process of new and existing suppliers
  • In-store tracking and iteration - create a centralized, automated platform

Centre for Public Service Innovation (CPSI) is looking for tech startups that can support the public sector with the below:

  • Virtualize and modernize Centre for Public Innovation multimedia innovation centre to create an immersive, interactive and collaborative digital experience that fosters and facilitates innovation for the public sector. ​Looking for blue-sky digital transformation concepts.

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The French-South African Agricultural Institute (F’SAGRI), Department of Science and Innovation (DSI), Department of Agriculture, Land Reform & Rural Development (DALRRD), French Embassy, French Ministry for Agriculture & Food & World Bank Group, through the AGTECH Innovation Challenge, is looking to recognize with innovation prizes and matching with French Institutions: 

  • Startups across five in-scope countries; and
  • Applied Researchers at South African universities.

The AGTECH Innovation Challenge under the Innovation Bridge Portal is searching for pre/post-revenue startups with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) ready for or tested in-market, and applied researchers with viable projects to participate in our virtual pitch-day.

Challenge focus areas:

  • Digitalization of supply chains
  • Food technology
  • Enhancing agricultural productivity
  • Climate-smart technologies
  • Tech-agnostic solutions are welcome

Applicants must be registered users on the Innovation Bridge Portal to access the below forms. 

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The call for Network projects is open for applications all year round. The Network projects programme eases collaboration between organisations in Eureka countries offering you the freedom to design your project proposal and build your ideal consortium. With limited eligibility criteria and minimal paperwork, taking part accelerates your access to public funding.

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bhive Enterprise Development Centre is inviting the North-West University students and entrepreneurs within the university community (60km radius around campus) to submit applications for the business incubation programme. 

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The Milken Institute and the Motsepe Foundation have launched the Milken-Motsepe Innovation Prize in AgriTech, a multi-year initiative to focus global innovators and entrepreneurs on developing technological solutions that accelerate progress towards implementing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with a spotlight on the African continent. The Milken-Motsepe Prize in AgriTech is a global competition for innovative solutions to increase economic value to farmers, from seed to sale. Entrepreneurs and innovators are invited to submit AgriTech designs and business models with a focus on accelerating SDG 1 - No Poverty and SDG 2 - Zero Hunger.  

The winning team will receive a $1 million grand prize, with $1 million in additional prizes.

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The Technology Innovation Agency (TIA) seeks to establish a database of external experts to assist with the assessment and due diligence investigation of funding proposals for projects and programmes. The external experts will provide analysis and recommendations on respective areas of specialization in terms of technical, intellectual property, legal, financial, and commercial matters as specified by the TIA investment team when requesting assessment and/ or due diligence investigation support.

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The IDC has established a R300-million Covid-19 Small Industrial Finance Distress Fund to assist qualifying IDC clients, as well as new clients, that have been negatively affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. The fund offers concessionary finance to cover their short-term operating costs.

Funding Criteria; 

  • Existing small business with a trading history of more than 12 months
  • Registered business operating within the borders of South Africa
  • Annual turnover/revenue does not exceed R100-million
  • Business plan showing a clear turnaround strategy within the next 36 months

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The Regional Innovation Support Programme (RISP) invites participants to submit  proposals for the following three separate and independent elements: 

  • Regional Innovation Networking platforms aimed at establishing networking platforms to bring together research, development and innovation communities, technology SMMEs, industry and government.
  • Feasibility study or business plan support for innovation enabling mechanisms such as:
    • Science and Technology Parks, Techno Parks, Innovation Hubs or other similar concepts.
    • Other innovation enabling mechanisms and initiatives.
  • Innovation Baseline Studies to assess and analyse the status of Regional Innovation Systems (RISs), in a particular location, in terms of their effectiveness and readiness to promote and support innovation in the regions (including provinces and local municipalities).

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