The bottleneck to most of the molecular (PCR) testing is due to lack of nucleic acid extraction kits. Where available, the possibility of automation enhances the speed with which one can access high throughput extraction. Therefore, development and manufacture of efficient extraction reagents is the first step towards pandemic/infectious disease outbreak readiness. The lessons from Covid-19 outbreak should include countries readying themselves against such outbreaks by manufacturing their own reagents and having the ability to ramp up production when necessary. Our product development and

Avril Biopharma’s main focus is rapid development of diagnostic, vaccine and therapeutic products using bioinformatics to design these products and our AdCEV(TM) protein expression technology to produce them inexpensively in hen eggs.
We are using our platform to address the urgent public-health demand for COVID-19 diagnostic testing and safe vaccine production. We are developing simple point-of-care test-kit products including a 5-10 minute saliva test for SARS-CoV-2 infection using components we can make in hen eggs. With our high yields, enough material for thousands of individual tests

My innovation gathers real time data of interactions and contact between people as they go about their daily lives. This information is stored in a secure server used by the medical department to protect identity.

When a person who has this app running on their smart phone is tested positive for COVID-19, medical personell can then retrieve their app ID and access the data which will tell them who the person was recently in contact with for the past 31 days.

Through the app a health personel can contact the potentially infected people and find out if they are experiencing any symptoms

PhenoLAB is an online web-based analyses platform and database for wine producers. PhenoLAB incorporates highly accurate, extensive and robust analyses methods based on absorbency values for determining tannins, colour density, anthocyanins and total phenolics levels in grapes, fermenting must and...

VivoCare: Safe Fat Chickens

The use of antibiotic growth promotors (AGPs) in poultry and other livestock farming has become increasingly restricted, and banned in a number of countries, this is in response to the risk of antibiotic overuse creating the right pressure for superbugs to arise. While...