A cost-effective tip appendage design that reduces tip leakage vortices in axial flow fans to improve fan performance. The appendage is robust in that it is applicable to various axial flow fan designs and can be installed on currently operational units through retrofitting due to its simplistic...

Air quality is a concern worldwide. Consequently, efficient means to monitor air pollutants are critical. Current commercially available carbon-based sorbents used for sampling volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in air typically require solvent extraction prior to analysis and they cannot be re-used...

Underground storage facility of natural gas in abandoned mine shafts.

In the South African Integrated Resource Plan (IRP), the country has indicated the intent to significantly increase the amount of electric power generation to be sourced from renewable resources, particularly wind and solar. ...

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The invention relates to a novel process of partial oxidation of un-agglomerated chromite ore in ferrochrome production processes.

The process includes the steps of:

  1. providing a source of un-agglomerated chromite ore;
  2. subjecting the source of un-agglomerated chromite ore;
  3. to pre...

The North-West University (NWU) is pioneering the novel use of Europium-Tellurium-Oxide (ETO) in the production of clean energy. ETO is a light-chargeable catalyst material that exhibits sustained and enhanced activity after light excitation has ended. Its unique characteristics present an...

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Tungsten carbides coatings are used in drills and cutting tools to provide a desirable operational lifetime of the coatings in use, as they have enhanced mechanical and wear properties. They are typically deposited using thermal spraying techniques. Tungsten carbides deposited using these techniques...

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