Overview of Organisation

Riversands I-Hub, located in Johannesburg, is a ground-breaking initiative with the ambition to foster inclusive economic growth through the development of small businesses. The Hub stimulates the local economy by offering a range of enabling small business development services and resources. This includes world-class physical infrastructure, growth-orientated business services and a vibrant ecosystem.

High potential SMEs are accommodated at Riversands for a period of up to three years at a low-cost rental with entrepreneur-friendly leasing terms and a full range of business services and resources available. The campus is home to +150 small businesses.

Apart from infrastructure, business owners can also access; 

  • Leadership & strategy – Setting the vision & direction
  • Marketing & sales – Bringing products & services to market
  • Systems & operations – Efficient delivery of products and services
  • Premises – A professional working environment at an affordable price, flexible lease terms, infrastructure and an entrepreneurial community.
Overview of Organisation

Innovation Technology Business Incubator (InvoTech), a section 21 non-profit organisation, was established by the Durban University of Technology and Small Enterprise Development Agency in 2011. InvoTech has created an 18-step dynamic technology and business incubation model that supports entrepreneurs to develop their innovative business ideas into thriving enterprises.

The targeted sectors are in the green economy, digital creative industry, food technology and agricultural impacting technologies. The overall objectives of the InvoTech incubation programme is to contribute towards; creation of decent jobs, stimulating the culture of innovation, entrepreneurship and growing the KZN economy.

Technology Competencies and offerings:

  • Funding
  • Mentoring
  • Counselling
  • Training & Development.
Assistance Areas Offered
Overview of Organisation

I’M IN Accelerator helps tech startups access seed investment and achieve business sustainability by providing an effective eco-system that offers business and technical support. The accelerator allows startups to test their assumptions and validate their products in the market, commercialising startups that show real market potential.

IM IN Accelerator Programs;

  • Accelerator Program:
    • The accelerator allows startups to test their assumptions and validate their products in the market, commercialising startups that show real market potential Our main accelerator program offers 10 month acceleration to black women-owned technology startups.
      • Programme Features
        • R1,5 million in pre-seed capital Business growth mentorship Technology improvement support and commercialisation enablement Access to markets and follow-on investment.
  • Pre-Accelerator Program:
    • A 3 month virtual pre-accelerator designed for early-stage Black women entrepreneurs with technology business ideas or concepts.
Overview of Organisation

Akro is a company dedicated to helping entrepreneurs turn ideas into businesses. Akro offers events, venture funding and consulting services, and have a painfully practical attitude towards entrepreneurship. TThe team are people who have their own businesses and understand the typical challenges facing entrepreneurs and startups. Ready to get stuck in and do what it takes to help you get your business to the next level, we are there for you.

Akro services: 

  • Co-Working Spaces: Cape Town - Salt River, City Centre and  De Waterkant
  • Girl Boss Hustle: Support channel for woman business owners, female entrepreneurs & start-ups and the unique challenges they face as they grow.
  • Accelarator: Digital Accelerator for Tech & Innovation Startups originating from townships
Overview of Organisation

Startup 90 is a business accelerator for Africa-based startups. It provides entrepreneurs with a platform for taking their ideas idea to market. They enable startups to become investment-ready and promote deal flow and assist startups to raise funding from investors.

What Startup 90 provides: 

  • Business support and mentoring.
  • Co-working space for startups.
  • A host of networking events.
  • A 3-month entrepreneurship program.

Startup 90 manages Accelerator & Technology Innovation Programs which include:

Accelerator Program

A 3 month accelerator program that assists companies to bring technological innovations to market, validate products and gain traction. The Startup Accelerator Program primary focus is on startup and early-stage businesses.

Entrepreneurship & Innovation Program

The program brings together early-stage entrepreneurs, innovators and researchers to identify challenges within their communities and country and to work together to create locally relevant solutions which critically address the unmet needs of people on the African continent.

Overview of Organisation

22 ON SLOANE is the largest startup campus in Africa. The campus offers startups and innovative SMEs a complete turnkey solution to scale, from the initial idea to commercialisation, funding opportunities and access to markets. Its aim is to nurture the entrepreneurial mindset, ensure their sustainability, and explore the development of new industries and contribute towards job creation in Africa.

A global and diverse team of experienced entrepreneurs, mentors, scientists, managers, CEOs, and funders support entrepreneurs enrolled at the campus, with product development, services and business models. The experts are active throughout the journey to build their companies and assist with market entry and financing through angel funders and venture capitals. 

22 On Sloane Startup Programmes; 

Incubation Progamme: designed for entrepreneurs who are in the process of starting or launching their new venture. The programme focuses on the identified market opportunity, scrumming and helping you launch your startup; growth strategy; and how best to finance and ensure that your startup is profitable.

Accelerator – The Catalytic Programme: designed to support high impact digital startups across Africa to start, launch, commercialise and scale. The programme is designed to support startups in pre-seed and seed stages.

Mentorship Programme: designed to provide our Startups with valuable guidance and support from corporates, academics, business leaders and/or industry experts.


Overview of Organisation

StartUp School is a free online program and a global community of founders. Founded by some of South Africa’s most successful entrepreneurs and supported by Investec, a leading private specialist bank, Startup School strives to unlock entrepreneurial potential in South Africa and beyond.

StartUp School online entrepreneurship courses have been carefully designed by a strong and experienced team of educational, business and coaching specialists.

Entrepreneurship Development Programme. 

This focuses on the following:

  • Entrepreneurship course outline:
  • Staring a Business
  • Scaling your Business

Marketing course outline:

  • Understand your target market
  • Develop a marketing strategy
  • Create your own online ads

Leadership course outline:

  • Practical skills and tools
  • Individual assessment feedback
  • Coaching support
  • Certificate of completion
Overview of Organisation

Seed Engine is a business accelerator. 3 times a year, Seed engine invests in the top 10 business ideas and entrepreneurs and brings them in to join their stable of ventures. When they exit the 13-week program, the entrepreneurs transform into leaders and their ideas become Investable Businesses. During the programme, they are given coaching, mentorship and seed capital to get their kick-ass ventures off the ground. Seed Engine is a combination of a mini MBA, reality TV Show, business bootcamp and a whole lot of magic that nobody has seen before.

Seed Engine Core Programmes;  

  • AccelerateHer AccelerateHer:  A bespoke, fully-funded, three-month business accelerator for women entrepreneurs, designed to fast track the development of their businesses taking into account the specific and unique challenges women face.
  • Enterprise Development (ED): Specialist masterclasses combined with intensive coaching and sector specific mentorship. The SD programme focuses on ensuring businesses are ready to compete in corporate supply chains and includes access to a supplier relationship manager to facilitate business opportunities.

  • WDB Growth Fund: An impact Section 12J Venture Capital Fund focused on scaling growth-stage women & youth-owned businesses; providing investors with tax benefits and ESD points recognition.

Overview of Organisation

The Business Place aims to promote entrepreneurship and the creation of sustainable businesses. The Business Place model is unique in that it is strategically developed to address the needs of the Local Economy and Business Environment. It brings together many of the diverse local stakeholders representing all tiers of government, community and corporate organisations which are committed to the common vision of building an Entrepreneurial Society.

The Business Place is a friendly, accessible, walk-in environment where aspiring and existing entrepreneurs can go to access information and support on how to start and grow small businesses. The Business Place is a promoter and champion of entrepreneurial activity.

The walk-in Center offers, among other initiatives, the following services:

  • Business Health check (Assessment) whereby we identify deficiencies – and implement
  • Business Health check (Assessment) whereby we identify deficiencies – and implement interventions to address these deficiencies: 
  • Training;
  • Information Sessions;
  • Workshops;
  • Networking Sessions.
  • Internet access for registered entrepreneurs – for business and idea generation;
  • Coaching/mentorship;
  • Supply Chain Compliance and registration support;
  • Central Supplier Database (National Treasury – CSD) registration support;
  • Tendering workshops;
  • Funding Facilitation;
    •  Business support – by our on-site partner PSG & Associates:
    • Book keeping Taxation; and
    • Advisory services (Business Registrations, Secretariat, Payroll & HR)
Overview of Organisation

Impact Amplifier is a South African based advisory firm focused on accelerating and investing in social and environmental innovation on the African continent.  It delivers acceleration services directly as well as through its unique white-labelled online platform, Impact OS, for other incubators and accelerators to use.

Impact Amplifier believes in:

  • Impact Intra and Entrepreneurs
  • Social and Ecological Justice
  • Big Risks
  • Building Ecosystems
  • Meritocracies
  • Becoming Our Best Selves

Impact Amplifiers Services.

  • Accelerating Social Enterprises - Impact Amplifier offers a range of acceleration and training programmes focused on getting social enterprises ready for investment.
  • Investing into Social Enterprises - Impact Amplifier supports high growth impact businesses to access funding from both local and international investors.
  • Impact Strategy and Measurement for Large Companies and Institutions - Impact Amplifier supports larger companies to create and measure their social and ecological impact.
  • Ecosystem Solutions for the Impact Economy -  The “Impact Economy” is comprised of multiple businesses and organisations across a broad spectrum of sectors.