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EDF Pulse Africa Awards is open to young and talented Africans that innovate to come out with frugal and disruptive solutions in giving people access to electricity in Africa.

EDF Pulse Prizes in Africa will reward innovative projects applicable in the following areas:

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Silicon-based photovoltaic (PV) systems undergo a drop in real-time performance in the field when compared to the predicted “laboratory” performance. The effects of dynamic operational environments where these PV panels are deployed give rise to various fault conditions which reduce...

The applicant is required to provide the following; 

  • Business profile
  • Team member profiles & hiring projections
  • Business model - product/service
  • Support requirements
  • Business model - customer segment


The World Bank Group, in partnership with Plug and Play South Africa, Business Unity South Africa and Department of Science & Innovation (Technology Innovation Agency) seek to identify and connect a select group of Southern African startups to corporate innovation opportunities and potential investment.

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This solar cooker is small enough to be packed into a backpack in its collapsed form and carried by one person. In its fully assembled state, it takes the shape of a cone. 

The cone is formed by two tiers of tapered panels. The top tier rests within the bottom tier and the bottom tier is wrapped...

The North-West University (NWU) is pioneering the novel use of Europium-Tellurium-Oxide (ETO) in the production of clean energy. ETO is a light-chargeable catalyst material that exhibits sustained and enhanced activity after light excitation has ended. Its unique characteristics present an...

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The novel solar trough plant receiver is customizable based on the solar field needs, providing improvements in the harnessing of solar energy. Unlike conventional parabolic trough solar systems, it has a wider operational temperature range as well as high-efficiency levels which not only reduce...