The call seeks the best ideas in the downstream application of space technology including, but not limited to, the utilisation of satellite, airborne and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) data as well as value-added datasets to provide daily solutions in these sectors. The target solutions will have undergone calibration and validation stages to ensure they are of the right quality and standard. Standard metadata are a must for all spatial products.

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The Proposals must cover the following elements:

  • Executive summary 
  • Business Plan 
  • Background Information
  • Business Objectives
  • Benefits and Limitations
  • Scope, Impact and Interdependencies
  • Market Assessment
  • Risk Assessment 
  • Financial Appraisal 
  • Project Organisation 
  • Sustainability Plan 
  • Fundraising Plan 
  • Governance 
  • Incubator(s) Location(s)
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The Mobile Applications Laboratory NPC (mLab) was successfully awarded a Regional Innovation Support Programme (RISP) grant by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research’s (CSIR) Technology Localisation Implementation Unit to establish an AgriTech and TravelTech regional innovation network in the Limpopo Province.

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The Small Enterprise Development Agency (Seda) and Technology Innovation Agency (TIA)  have organised a series of webinars on various support programmes available to start-ups, innovators and entrepreneurs at TIA. 


  • TIA  Grassroots Innovation Programme, 09 September 2020 -  Click h...
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The Swiss - SA Venture Leaders Programme hosted by the Technology Innovation Agency and the University of Basel aims to:

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1. Who can apply? 

  • Research teams from a French or South African public university, research Institute; through their own technology transfer offices;
  • French or South African enterprises willing to acquire a new technology; and 
  • Technology transfer offices of France or South Africa that are interested in developing their expertise together.

2. What can be applied for? 

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Ticket iD (Pty) Ltd has partnered with Aratek international to supply Facial Recognition Thermal units to the South African market. These devices can act as an access control device that identifies individuals through facial recognition software coupled with a thermometer to help combat COVID 19. In...