The cost of building materials contributes significantly to overall construction costs, with ordinary Portland cement (OPC) being one of the main components.  The production of OPC is not environmentally friendly. It is energy-intensive, uses natural resources such as limestone and results in high...

The Small Enterprise Development Agency (Seda) and Technology Innovation Agency (TIA)  have organised a series of webinars on various support programmes available to start-ups, innovators and entrepreneurs at TIA. 


  • TIA  Grassroots Innovation Programme, 09 September 2020 -  Click h...
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The objectives of the programme are:

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The Swiss - SA Venture Leaders Programme hosted by the Technology Innovation Agency and the University of Basel aims to:

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Wijenga is an online service that matches home owners with local construction professionals and suppliers. Whether you would like to build a new house or do some renovations on your existing house Wijenga can help. With access to all the best local tradesmen and suppliers, you can truly bring your...

1. Who can apply? 

  • Research teams from a French or South African public university, research Institute; through their own technology transfer offices;
  • French or South African enterprises willing to acquire a new technology; and 
  • Technology transfer offices of France or South Africa that are interested in developing their expertise together.

2. What can be applied for? 

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This proposed Greenbricks project is a conventional brick/blockmaking plant for the ‘green’ production of popular brick and block variations from sugarcane bagasse ash (SBA) in combination with suitable cementitious binders such as fly ash and lime. The production of such ‘green’ building materials...

Spinetector Vest - Is an upper-body safety costume designed to lessen or eliminate injuries caused by rock-fall, impact of heavy machinery and tools on the spinal cord of the vertebral column, shoulder section, kidneys as well as the rib cage. The vest is designed to be worn by workers in mining and...

Improved Alkaline-Activated Slag Composition: Green Mortar Solution

The invention relates to the development of both an improved alkaline-activated slag (AAS) composition as well as a dry mixed ready-to-use alkaline-activated slag (AAS) composition. The ready-to-use AAS can be pre-packed into...