Criteria & Requirements:

  • Being a woman leading/owning an impactful and scalable business
  • Committing to the 6 months program duration
  • Having an impactful and scalable business that has been in operation for a minimum of 24 months and is based in ECOWAS region
  • Signing the SHEBA agreement (to be provided to these selected)

Sectors Focus

Agribusiness (AgriTech, Production, Processing, Wholesale & Retailing, any other agribusiness value chain aspects), Healthcare, Technology (FinTech

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Proposals should not exceed 20 pages and, where relevant, supporting documentation should be attached as appendices. The following documentation must be included:

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Nelson Mandela Bay iHub is a business incubator located in Port Elizabeth and Thembalethu, George that supports businesses in ICT. The iHub has a specific focus on technologies that have the potential to disrupt existing value chains and facilitate market access for our incubatees whilst

This invention relates to a method of diagnosing tuberculosis by making use of electrical impedance spectroscopy. It relates in particular, to a method of diagnosing tuberculosis by using a novel biomarker presentation vehicle comprising a nanoparticle having isolated mycolic acid of tuberculous...

Africa is the youngest continent on the planet. 22 per cent of Africa’s working-age population are starting businesses – the highest entrepreneurship rate in the world. Therefore, the Africa Young Innovators for Health Award brings together, the need for innovative solutions to support healthcare workers with the power of the young entrepreneurial spirit.

Applicants must be aged between 18-35 at the time of applying for the Award and be a citizen or national of an African country. 

Award winners will receive:

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This invention pertains to a method for chemically synthesising novel classes of silver complexes that target specific forms of cancer with demonstrable anticancer activity in cell culture (in vitro). Most noteworthy is thus far, these complexes have better preliminary results than standard...

AfOx-HIP will identify 50 outstanding emerging African researchers and innovators, proposing new solutions for health and facilitate their interaction with partners across Oxford, for the AfOx Innovation and Entrepreneurship Scheme.

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Request for proposals

Proposals are hereby invited from organisations with health, medical device or PPE industry experience and a track record of taking such products to market. The proposal should provide the information as outlined below and any other information that the organisation deems is relevant for the commercial success of the respirator.

7.1 Proposal specifications
The proposal should not exceed 20 pages, and where relevant, supporting documentation should be attached as appendices. The following documentation must be included:

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The Next Health Accelerator exists to create Sexual and Health wellness, reaching beyond existing boundaries to ensure women and girls in Africa have access to Sexual and Reproductive Health. It endeavours to disrupt healthcare in Africa with an initial focus on sexual and reproductive and particularly on self-care. NHA selects the best innovators, helps them refine their value proposition and products, provides seed funding and connects them with leading corporations or organizations for value chain access.

Programme duration

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