What can the IB Portal do for me?

The Innovation Bridge Portal is an online platform which aims to create linkages between innovators, industry, public- and private technology development, and commercialisation funding partners. It is an online technology matchmaking platform for researchers, innovators, technology developers, and entrepreneurs on which to present their technology innovation offerings, and funders and technology users, to present challenges that can be addressed.

How do I register to publish content on the IB portal?

In order to publish content on the Portal, you have to follow the registration process:

1. Access the Innovation Bridge Portal and select register;

2. Complete the required fields;

3. Select representing individual or organisation;

4. Complete the required fields; 

5. Agree to the terms of use and create account; 

6. An email informing that the account has been submitted for approval will be forwarded and thereafter an email confirming the approval; 

7. Log in with your credentials;

8. Select Add content. You can either select technology, funding opportunity, support service or event; 

9. Completed the required fields for the selected content type and thereafter send for curation; 

10. Your content will be curated by the Portal Curator. You will be notified via e-mail when your content has been added or when a revision is required.

What is the content curation process?

When content is added it will go through a content curation process. The Portal Curator will check your content and if there are no changes, the content will be published. If changes are required, the content will be sent back to your drafts for you to edit.

Can I edit my published content?

Yes. When you wish to edit published content, you can create a new draft of your content in "My Content" under your user dashboard. When editing published content, the content will go through the curation process again before being published. The original published content will remain published until the edits are approved by the Curator.

How many content sources can one organisation have?

Each organisation can have an unlimited number of content sources. An organisation should nominate a custodian responsible for managing the content on the Portal. The Portal will notify the organisation custodian when content has been published on behalf of an organisation.