University of the Western Cape South Africa

Fly ash, is a waste by-product from the coal-fired electricity generating stations. Power stations need to dispose of the fly ash in a safe and environmentally friendly manner, making the need to utilize fly ash important. The production of zeolites is one way to beneficiate the fly ash waste where the extracted silica from coal fly ash is the feedstock needed to synthesis different zeolites. Formulations have been developed for the following zeolites; ZSM-5, Beta, MCM, Zeolite A, Mordenite and Sodalite.  Our unique formulations are based on using low-cost raw materials, lower energy inputs and shorter production times that could result in significant cost savings at a commercial production scale.

Zeolites find applications as catalysts in hydrocarbon processing, gas separation and in biodiesel production. They are also used as adsorbents and in ion‐exchange processes. Zeolites are also used in slow-release fertilisers.

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