Savant is a commercially-focused hardware technology incubator that provides bespoke business development support. Savant partners with highly skilled science and technology inventors for their start-up growth journey.

Savant Technology Incubator de-risks hardware technology development and ensures that the start-ups that house these ground-breaking innovations are commercially driven and investable. Savant brings unrivalled technology commercialisation know-how and experience to the South African start-up landscape. We offer bespoke commercialisation support to hardware technology inventors through long term, risk-based partnerships.


Savant takes a tailored approach to business development, realising that each venture has its own challenges and opportunities.

5 Staged Approach; 

  1. Source and Build - Pre-incubation due diligence at risk.
  2. Seed Incubation - Early investment and proof of concept
  3. Technology Development - Prototyping and market trails.
  4. Venture and Grow Locally - Go to market in South Africa.
  5. Venture and grow internationally - Go to Market globally.



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