SDG Intro

Goal 1: No Poverty
End poverty in all its forms everywhere

While extreme poverty has eased considerably since 1990, pockets of the worst forms of poverty persist. Ending poverty requires universal social protection systems aimed at safeguarding all individuals throughout the life cycle. It also requires targeted measures to reduce vulnerability to disasters and to address specific underserved geographic areas within each country.


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Wits Commercial Enterprise

A method of extracting beneficial compounds from moringa for addition in foods, drinks and dietary supplements to increase their vitamin content and their health benefits.

Plants, such as those of...

North-West University

LeguPro is a protein-rich pasta, which is produced from non-traditional pasta ingredients such as peanuts, soybeans, and chickpeas. It is a cost-effective nutrient-dense high protein, healthy instant...

Agricultural Research Council

The Agricultural Research Council - Vegetable and Ornamental Plants (ARC-VOP), which has a solid reputation as a leader in sweet potato R&D, has developed a new variety Khumo orange-fleshed sweet...

North-West University

Optimal crop yield is pivotal to meeting market food demands and increasing the cost-efficacy for farmers. The REDgrow technology is intended to manipulate the transmittance spectra, or wavelength, of...

University of Limpopo

Marula Atchar: Local Fruit in New Product

Research has revealed that the skin of the Marula fruit, indigenous to Africa, is rich in essential nutrients. We have developed a Marula Atchar product...