SDG Intro

Goal 1: No Poverty
End poverty in all its forms everywhere

While extreme poverty has eased considerably since 1990, pockets of the worst forms of poverty persist. Ending poverty requires universal social protection systems aimed at safeguarding all individuals throughout the life cycle. It also requires targeted measures to reduce vulnerability to disasters and to address specific underserved geographic areas within each country.


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Innovation Highway

The development of a proprietary irrigation pivot with a walkabout action, to increase surface reach with a single pivot. 

Development Impact

Reducing the capital cost of irrigation farming and...


The potential of agro-processing in Lesotho, especially using sorghum, pumpkin and pumpkin seeds to produce sorghum muesli and sorghum baked products is not fully exploited. Super-foods, trading as...


The Drycard is an affordable device invented by the University of California,Davis in USA  that enables small-scale farmers to measure the moisture content of their produce and therefore prevent mold...

Mr. Henry Ngale Foretia

The Poultry Farmers Management System Platform  (SaveTheChicken App) combines AI, big data and big data analytics into predictive models that function in real-time by facilitating accurate, rapid...

AgriViro (Pty) Ltd

AgriViro has developed a portfolio of biopesticides and associated formulation technologies to enable effective, eco-friendly control of economically important insect pests of major crops. AgriViro’s...

University of KwaZulu-Natal

The problem of Striga infestation is increasing disproportionately in the sorghum growing areas of Africa, especially in drier regions of the continent. The infestation particularly affects...