Overview of Innovator

Our platform can connect to any device with an electronic heartbeat, to be utilized to trigger an alert.  The SaaS has various alert types namely:Rapid Emergency Response,  Rapid Tourist Response (Dept of Tourism), Rapid Woman 911 (Domestic Violence alert), Rapid Asset Protection and more.The technology has three unique characteristics:-    it tracks and trace the victim/asset crime/injured and can determine its location a eight-meter radius every 15 seconds;-    It provides essential information to security and medical personnel detailed information about you e.g. age, allergies, medical aid, next of kin, employer and more to provide the appropriate treatment when the victim is unable to provide it.-    It can collect data for crime hotspots for the intelligence, security and policing community.The platform has various functionalities that are global firsts, given us a current competitive edge over competitors.

Specialization Sector/s
​Information and communication
Security Technologies
Country / HQ
South Africa