University of South Africa
Overview of innovation

Floatation Device is a system that acts as an anchor and elevator for equipment, shacks and mobile houses that would otherwise be affected by flooding. During the rainy season, the Floatation Device elevates the items away above the stormwater and provides stability to secure items from damage or drifted away by the water.

Flooding in South Africa is estimated to have a frequency of 37.9% annually and informal settlements are affected the most. The devastating effects of flooding of shacks in informal settlements in South Africa are an increasing challenge. The Disaster Management Centres in various cities continue to provide intervention for affected communities in different provinces during the rainy seasons. Although municipalities work hard in providing solutions by providing regular flood awareness campaigns and passive and active flood warning signs, there remains a need for the development of technology to reduce the effects of flooding. The Floatation Device offers a solution for preventing flooding in informal settlements and reducing the number of communities displaces due to flooding.

Type of Intellectual Property protection
Innovation Opportunity Type
Security Technologies
Technology Readiness Level
TRL 4 – Experimental prototype developed