Overview of Business

We are an innovation-driven enterprise with a vision to become a 4000-person company within the next 20 years by mainly focusing on the following aspects:

  1. Creating software solutions that help businesses achieve their goals without breaking the bank (affordable).
  2. Building long-lasting business relationships.
  3. Equipping our teams with knowledge and skills to make them responsible and accountable leaders in and outside the соmрапу.

As a company that was established in 2019 in the small town of Elukwatini by Jim, Lindokuhle and Blessed and secured an early investment from Sizo, we are blown away by how fast we have grown eKhonnector to a 7-digit company through hard work, focus, honesty and investing in our teams. We are on a path to adding more value to the services we offer, employing and growing new teams throughout the country and making an impact throughout Africa and we would love to be with you in this journey.

What We Offer 

  1. SmartFarmer - A user-friendly platform to assist farmers with record keeping starting from R100 per month.
  2. Funeral Management System - An advanced system that helps funeral businesses manage client policies, premiums, invoicing, SMS notifications...and so forth. From as little as R450 per month.
  3. Sales Legend - Mobile application to help sales agents capture client details in the field, and process notifications starting from R210 per month.
  4. Legal Contrivance - A sophisticated all-in-one system for law- Firms to automate birthday reminders, manage cases, process payroll, invoicing and client billing...from R790 per month. 
  5. Website Development 
  6. Mobile Application - Development starts from R15 000 depending on the complexity of the software to be built and time to build.
  7. Technical Support - If your computer is slow or need any assistance pertaining your computer or software let's help you from R250 for virtual assistance and from R750 for physical assistance.
  8. Custom software development - we can assist in building systems and software according to your unique specifications.
Stage of Business
Industries Served
​Information and communication
software development
Country / HQ
South Africa
Funding required