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electrospinning nanofibres

The SNC BEST ball electrospinning technology is a high throughput electrostatic fibre spinning technology used to produce nanofibres from various polymers and blends of polymers. 

In the ball electrospinning process, small balls (2,5cm diameter) are rotated through a polymer solution, coating the surface of the balls with a thin liquid layer. A high voltage (20-60 kV DC) is applied to the solution. Multiple tiny liquid jets spontaneously erupt from the liquid surface of the balls and each liquid jet forms nanofibers with diameters ranging from 50um to 2 microns. These fibres are collected on a counter held at ground or negative potential (0 t0 -20 kV DC) that is positioned 10 - 20 cm away from the balls. See a short video of the process in action on YouTube as per the link provided. The fibres typically collect on the counter electrode as a non-woven fabric, but can also be collected onto special collectors to convert them into yarn. 

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Technology readiness level 6
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