Sweet potato is an excellent source of energy, while containing substantial quantities of vitamin C and also contribute B-vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, zinc and iron to the human diet. It provides abundant quantities of provitamin A in the form of beta-carotene. Most of the beta-carotene...

Our innovation is a GIS-enabled digital platform that brings data from different sources onto one platform and visualises the insights based on patterns and relationships due to spatial relationships with interactive maps, dashboards which can be accessed via desktop and mobile applications configured according to user needs. This is achieved by:
1. Providing a central point of contact for common stakeholders desiring information or insights 
2. Improving GIS data quality by the shared use and maintenance of commonly used data
3. Providing a common presentation of geospatial information in

The risk of occupational exposure to aerosolised bio-contaminants (potentially pathogenic viruses, bacteria and yeasts) in dentistry and the dental office environment has been highlighted in the literature for many years. Removal of these aerosols would decrease oral healthcare workers' risk of...

The Explosives ICT Control System is a dedicated explosive control system developed for registered users of explosives such as mines and civil blasters for ordering, receipt, distribution and utilization of explosives as required by the Mine Health and Safety Act, and the Explosives Act. 


Currently, the ARC have three commercial cultivars, Ratel, Steenbok and Tredou.  Ratel consists of a medium growth period whereas Steenbok consists of a short growth period with good drought tolerance making it suitable for areas with a dry climate. Tredou is the newest addition to the ARC cultivar...

This is a high-tech lighting solution that simulates a real skylight, having application to environments that have little or no access to natural lighting. This type of circadian lighting technology has also been known to have a positive effect on the wellness of individuals.  

The bottleneck to most of the molecular (PCR) testing is due to lack of nucleic acid extraction kits. Where available, the possibility of automation enhances the speed with which one can access high throughput extraction. Therefore, development and manufacture of efficient extraction reagents is the first step towards pandemic/infectious disease outbreak readiness. The lessons from Covid-19 outbreak should include countries readying themselves against such outbreaks by manufacturing their own reagents and having the ability to ramp up production when necessary. Our product development and

AlertCent is an ICT Health Care Management system that keeps healthcare professionals in medical facilities, such as frail cares close to their patients by allowing for fast, easy, and secure patient observations recording, monitoring, management, and reporting. This is done through the use of...

iResponse is an AI-driven digital health platform designed to implement preventive health diagnostics, improve patient care, send out early warning and alert notification, track, predict, analyse and deal with COVID-19 infectious disease threat in Nigeria.
It helps better the human condition and bring about a better future to Nigerians using Artificial Intelligence (AI), big data analytics and digital technologies to manage and quarantine the exposed person, and deal with the pandemic in Nigeria.

The Sanititise-O-Ring is a wearable sanitizer dispensing bangle. 
It's affordability and ease-of-use makes it perfect for use by school children, health workers, general workers and the public. 
It is mandatory to have sanitizer at the entrance of shops, but what about other potential forms and places of infection such as money, public transport and toilets, door knobs and stairway railing just to name a few. 
It is crucial to have sanitizer with us at all times, but sanitizer bottles can be uncomfortable to carry around and can easily be forgotten. If you wear a Sanitise-O-Ring, you will