Who can apply?
Any entrepreneur/organisation who;

  • Is motivated to commercialise Nutri-drink
  • Has the resources and motivation to take the products to market
  • Has the relevant industry networks
  • Demonstrated good business acumen and strategy
  • Is willing to invest financially or is able to source funding from both public and private sectors.

Required documents

Closing date

The potential of agro-processing in Lesotho, especially using sorghum, pumpkin and pumpkin seeds to produce sorghum muesli and sorghum baked products is not fully exploited. Super-foods, trading as Bohlokoa is one of the first movers in an emerging market and therefore encourages participation of...

BamPro: A Bambara Nut Probiotic Beverage This drinking probiotic is made from an indigenous ground nut and is set to take the health food scene by storm. BamPro is high in protein, high in anti-oxidants, low in cholesterol, gluten-free, lactose-free and generally delicious. Finally, BamPro has been...