Spinetector Vest - Is an upper-body safety costume designed to lessen or eliminate injuries caused by rock-fall, impact of heavy machinery and tools on the spinal cord of the vertebral column, shoulder section, kidneys as well as the rib cage. The vest is designed to be worn by workers in mining and...

Monitoring location and activities of miners underground, as well as environmental information, is essential to ensure miner safety. Information transmission systems currently used in underground mines are not able to cost-effectively address this need.  Visible Light Communication (VLC) and Power...

The proposals on the abovementioned areas should aim to:

  • Foster multi-disciplinary collaboration across local HEIs.
  • Encourage participation of technology-oriented SMEs.
  • Deliver outcomes of which the technology readiness has been maximised, i.e. providing a clear understanding of their potential impact and implementation.
  • Develop sustainable solutions that would improve process efficiencies and reduce cost.
  • Assess, where relevant, environmental and safety risks.


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The surface deformation caused by shallow underground mining poses a risk to health and safety, as well as infrastructure and the environment. Azimuth is designed to detect, measure and monitor mining-induced surface deformation using state-of-the-art satellite imaging technology. The service...