Digital Health Cape Town is an accelerator in South Africa. Through corporate-startup partnerships,  social impact ventures and business innovation ecosystems, Digital Health Cape Town help high growth, high social impact businesses to succeed and support established enterprises at risk of being

The Gauteng Enterprise Propeller (GEP) promotes, fosters and develops small enterprises in Gauteng thereby implementing the policy of the Gauteng Provincial Government for small enterprise development.

GEP's mandate is to promote entrepreneurship, mobilise resources and facilitate an integrated

Injini is an Edtech incubator and seed investment programme that aims to improve educational outcomes across the continent. Injini exists for the sole purpose of improving educational outcomes in sub-Saharan Africa. 

Injini offers the following to selected African Edtech Ventures; 

    • Financial

    Founders Factory Africa is a unique bunch of creative builders, designers, entrepreneurs and mentors, who bring a wealth of knowledge and years of experience to the founders and teams we work with. Founders Factory has a heart for Africa and is proud to be a part of its complex and flourishing

    AlphaCode is a club for financial services entrepreneurs, which is supported by a physical workspace and a virtual platform. Alpha Code is seeking to create a next-generation financial services eco-system by bringing together entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, industry experts and thought leaders to

    Namibia Business Innovation Institute (NBII) formerly known as Namibia Business Innovation Centre (NBIC) is a national leader in research, entrepreneurship and innovation. NBII develops ways in getting your insight from idea to the marketplace by helping you to navigate the innovation process.


    StartUp Namibia is a non-profit organisation which aims to improve the conditions for the establishment and growth of startups in selected regions in Namibia. The goal is to create new opportunities for jobs in the startup sector and build a vibrant ecosystem across the country enabling new ventures

    TechnoServe helps people lift themselves out of poverty by harnessing the power of the private sector. TechnoServe is a  nonprofit organization operating in almost 30 countries, they work with hardworking women and men in the developing world to build competitive farms, businesses, and industries

    Infers Group is a knowledge management company that exists to bridge the gap between society and the knowledge producers in Africa. Based in Gaborone with an extension in Cape Town, South Africa, Infers Group brings together brilliant minds, creating ecosystems that allow the ambition of knowledge

    Institute of Entrepreneurial of Development (IED) aims to position Botswana as a beacon for innovation, entrepreneurship and prosperity in Africa by helping aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs turn their business ideas into reality. IED supports the development of business skills and knowledge as

    Future Females is a movement that exists to connect, inspire and support current and aspiring female entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs – to rapidly increase the number of and success of these women.

    Future Females is a platform that provides an environment, both digitally, physically, and

    ORIBI is an impact incubator, providing programmes for skills development, training & support of entrepreneurs. Oribi mission is to connect business opportunities between all actors of the ecosystem around values of inclusion, social and environmental impact.

    ORIBIT offerings; 

    • Incubation