South Africa harbours the highest number of rape incidents in the world, and sexual assault and rape cases in the entire SADC region are estimated at a minimum of 55 000 cases per year. Crime scene investigations utilise DNA technology on a regular basis. In cases of rape or sexual abuse, male

The risk of occupational exposure to aerosolised bio-contaminants (potentially pathogenic viruses, bacteria and yeasts) in dentistry and the dental office environment has been highlighted in the literature for many years. Removal of these aerosols would decrease oral healthcare workers' risk of

Hysteroscopy is a procedure that requires the direct visualization of the uterine cavity to diagnose and treat abnormal uterine conditions. Health professionals regard it as the gold‑ standard for diagnosis because of its effectiveness and efficiency.

Traditional hysteroscopy systems, and the

The digital infantometer provides accurate digital anthropometric measurement data for tracking the development of babies. The accurate measurement of weight, recumbent length and head circumference data are prescribed by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to assess the optimal growth of babies up

This system provides accurate, digital, mid-upper arm measurements for screening of severe and acute malnutrition in children, as prescribed by the World Health Organisation (WHO). The system electronically captures the appropriate measurements and then proceeds to store and analyse the data using a