My name is Mountaga Keita, inventor and founder of Tulip Industries Ltd, based in Conakry (GUINEA). We manufacture interactive and energy-independent medical technologies.
The healthcare sector in Africa is undergoing a tremendous transformation from traditional medicine to a modern and well-structured healthcare system; Yet, Africa’s healthcare industry is characterized by a disparity between private and public sectors, both in terms of facilities and funding;
the Globalization of the world economies, with mass traffics and trades, makes it easy for pandemic outbreaks to reach a global

Africa is highly vulnerable to the current COVID-19 pandemic. While several vaccine and antiviral candidates to prevent
COVID-19 infection are currently under development, they most likely will be expensive, difficult to transport
and distribute to remote areas and not available in sufficient quantities to administer to everyone. 
Our solution is to use a plant production platform to generate vaccines, antiviral drugs and other pharmaceutical proteins. We use
our production platform to rapidly make safe vaccines which are stable at ambient temperatures, easy to scale up
and inexpensive

The invention relates to a process for producing protein microparticles in dilute organic acid solutions and without the presence of an alcohol such as ethanol. The microparticles are formed by dissolving a cereal prolamin protein in a concentrated organic acid solution with agitation and then...

The Sanititise-O-Ring is a wearable sanitizer dispensing bangle. 
It's affordability and ease-of-use makes it perfect for use by school children, health workers, general workers and the public. 
It is mandatory to have sanitizer at the entrance of shops, but what about other potential forms and places of infection such as money, public transport and toilets, door knobs and stairway railing just to name a few. 
It is crucial to have sanitizer with us at all times, but sanitizer bottles can be uncomfortable to carry around and can easily be forgotten. If you wear a Sanitise-O-Ring, you will

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has caused a number of deaths globally. In response to the pandemic we have used all our resources to assist by firstly utilizing computer based drug target interactions (DTI) predictions to identify FDA approved Drugs which binds to the active pocket of COVID-19 main protease (C19MP), 6LU7 to control or cure COVID-19. Secondly, SA Rebuilders has developed a novel antiviral formulation with improved bioavailability to treat HIV. Recent computer based DTI predictions identified non- nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NNRTI) and protease

According to UN 2018 Revision of the World Urbanization Prospects data, the global rural population is now close to 3.4 billion and is expected to rise slightly and then decline to 3.1 billion by 2050. Africa and Asia are home to nearly 90% of the world’s rural population in 2018. India has the...

The development of a proprietary irrigation pivot with a walkabout action, to increase surface reach with a single pivot. 

Development Impact

Reducing the capital cost of irrigation farming and manufacturing prospects for the region. This is important for emerging farmers and food security.

The Prime is the future of how we connect to each other and the world around us but more importantly, it is changing the way we imagine and define what connection is. The device allows users to stream and access content for free - without the traditional use of ISP data - Dataless Streaming...

AgriViro has developed a portfolio of biopesticides and associated formulation technologies to enable effective, eco-friendly control of economically important insect pests of major crops. AgriViro’s biopesticides have shown excellent efficacy in the laboratory and under field conditions. These...

The Reference R-GLSD

The CSIR developed Reference Geo-location spectrum database (R-GLSD) is full-fledged and market oriented regulatory reference spectrum database. The R-GLSD gives any national spectrum regulator the capability to have full control of the national spectrum resources band per...