UB CART Investment was established in 2014 with a focus on providing quality services through consultancy and mentorship to small, micro and medium enterprises (SMMEs), the public sector and large corporate organisations, locally and internationally.

Our mainstay is in designing and implementing new, customised and efficient methods of services in a cost effective manner for our clients.

A level 3 BEE contributor, the company is a member of the Construction and National Association of Black Contractors (NABCAT), and its headquarters are in Windhoek, Namibia.


SABAN (South African Business Angel Network) is the non-profit, professional association for the South African early stage investor community. Established in 2016, SABAN represents a sector that plays a vital role in South Africa’s future, notably in the funding of Start-Ups. SABAN members fuel SA’s growth through the creation of wealth and jobs.


– Raising awareness of Angel investing activity 

– Capacity building / training

– Networking with peers

– Research

– Accreditation

– Seeding Angel Groups in major economic hubs

– Lobbying for regulatory

Grovest Venture Capital Company Limited is a venture capital trust specializing in investing in startups, early stage pre and post revenue companies, series A, series B, growth capital, and mature companies based in South Africa. It typically invests in high growth, scalable, low capex private companies. The fund seeks to invest in the disruptive digital technology sector.

Fund mandate

To build a portfolio of potentially high growth small and medium sized companies that:

  • Are revenue producing;
  • Have impressive and plausible business models;
  • Are attractively priced and having

Black Women-Owned South African Fund Managers 

Firebird Fund Managers has its roots in business rescue and private equity. We specialize in identifying businesses which are distressed but where active intervention, new capital, debt restructures and compromises, can remedy the distress. We ensure Transformation and Impact through the following:Firebird is 75% black ownedJobs retained is key metric to us as well as above average IRR’s We hand over our businesses wherever possible to new entrants  Sustainable businesses with great governance is our goal

Firebird Turnaround Fund –

Capitaleye Investments is a VC company that invests on technology and associated acts.

Investment holding company, Capital Eye Investments (PtyLtd (“Capital Eye”) delivers superior returns on technology and associated assets.Portfolio companies are a blend of start-ups and mature cash-generating businesses, in both developing and developed markets, providing value growth in complementary geographies and sectors.

Optimal goal alignment is achieved through co-investment between shareholders, partners and management.

Fairtree Capital is a South African investment manager that manages alternative and long only investment portfolios across its global assets.

Fairtree is a leading investment manager that manages alternative and long only investment portfolios across all global asset classes for institutional clients and high net worth individuals. Based in Cape Town, South Africa, our firm commitment to a consistent investment philosophy has continued to deliver high-quality returns to investors since the inception of our first fund in 2003.

Meticulous top-down and bottom-up analyses ensure a

Platform45 develops design-driven software for web and mobile applications.

At Platform45 we promote ideation, we collaborate, we “iterate-iterate-iterate”, and above all, we build things that matter. More and more we are seeing software becoming an integral part of any business wanting to do better, grow faster, and offer their customers “one source of truth”. We know the power of incredible software and the potential it has to change the world, we’ve been at it since 2008 building platforms for fintech start-ups, mining giants, pioneering entrepreneurs and telecom companies. Behind our

Investec is an international banking and wealth management group that provides a range of financial products and services clients.

We bring an Out of the Ordinary approach to creating and managing wealth. Founded in South Africa as a small finance company, today we offer clients our services as a global bank and asset management group. Follow us on LinkedIn for unique insights from leading minds within the world of finance and Out of the Ordinary stories about our people, communities and partners.

Getihu is an investment fund for software and data as a service startups in South Africa.

Getihu is involved in helping innovative early stage startups reach their full potential. Our investment is more than just financial. We commit to working with our portfolio companies as partners, putting our full support and resources behind global expansion.

Getihu comes from the Chinese word for ‘single entity’, and is a word that has is commonly used for technology entrepreneurs. Our vision is to create a developing world innovation hub across Cape Town, London and Lyon, providing a home for

Convergence Partners is an investment management firm focused on the technology, telecommunications and media sectors.

Convergence Partners, founded in 2006,has a proven track record of developing new investment opportunities as well as actively adding value to investments across the life cycle of ICT assets.

As impact investors, Convergence Partners brings its skills, experience and capital to accelerate communications access and ICT infrastructure development on the Continent, focusing on initiatives that increase availability of communications, broadband services and new technology