My company based Senekal freestate started on 2014.

2020 I went to Pv Solar system Installation and design at PRQS unfortunately that time pv Solar didn't have standards 

Now I want to Install and design pv Solar 

The invention relates to a water turbine arrangement, and more particularly but not exclusively to a vertical axis water turbine arrangement suitable for use to generate electricity from a body of moving water. The first deployment of this technology is near man-made dams, at the mouth of the dam...

The Technology Station in Rural Sustainable Development (TSRSD) is located at Upington in the Northern Cape. The Station is affiliated to the Vaal University of Technology (VUT) Sebokeng's campus. It forms part of the VUT's Technology Transfer and Innovation Directorate. As such, it is supported by an Enterprise Development Unit; Iscor Innovation Centre; Engineering Manufacturing Centre (EMC) and Institute for Chemical and Biotechnology at the Sebokeng Campus.

TSRSD offers two types of consulting and training services. The first type focusses on product development and the improvement of

The Indalopreneurs Just Transition Enterprise Support Programme (I-JTEP) is implemented as a part of the Strategic Partnership for the implementation of the Paris Agreement (SPIPA) programme.

Its central objective is to contribute efforts that enable South African businesses to develop innovations that facilitate a just transition,  and it seeks to support entrepreneurs within the Limpopo and Mpumalanga coal-dependent communities and value chains.

The programme is financially supported by the European Union’s Partnership Instrument and the German Federal Ministry for the Environment

Grabouw Based operation.   We use the dual thrust of Hydro Power and Industrial Hemp to bring Economic opportunity to the greater population of the Grabouw Valley

With the Plentiful river structure and a large number of dams, we are working with the Large Scale Apple Farmers and Fruit juice producers to identify and develop a local electricity grid, the benefits of this are twofold: Dependable low-cost electricity and significant improvement in Grabouw Carbon Footprint.

Industrial hemp has multiple benefits. Firstly drawdown,  with a drawdown rate of approximately 20 tons of toxic gas

GAIAONICA is a proudly African company focused on revolutionizing Green Technology. Our core focus is on combining nature’s innovations with humanity’s innovations to produce efficient yet sustainable products - aka Biomimicry, a relatively new science. About a decade ago, Biomimicry companies were among the rarest in the world, but the industry is now growing quickly. However, in Africa, it is still rare. We’re going to change that. Currently, we are aiming to improve renewable energy products by observing nature to not only increase the generation of energy but also to increase accessibility

The South African Renewable Energy Business Incubator (SAREBI), was established in 2012 by the Small Enterprise Development Agency Technology programme (SEDA) to incubate businesses in the renewable energy sector.

Its mission is to help energy entrepreneurs in the renewable, clean, alternative energy and energy efficiency sectors to build scalable, profitable and sustainable businesses.

It assists businesses in various stages of development with support services ranging from operational support to enterprise skills training to manufacturing support to coaching.

Sarabi's enterprise

beAfriBusiness is a development company foundered by a young South African entrepreneur, who develops projects in the Solar, Water and Agri Sector, beAfriBusiness develops projects in countries with high scarcity of water and arable land, farmers are encouraged to use solar energy and smart Agri technology to increase produce and productivity. Water is a critical input for agricultural production and plays an important role in food security. Due to population growth, urbanization, and climate change, competition for water resources is expected to increase, with a particular impact on

TriVest is a leading provider of equity for growth capital financings, middle market corporate acquisitions and recapitalizations. Since its founding, TriVest has experienced a huge demand for capital in the early stage sector in Southern Africa, where innovative early-stage and start-up companies often lack the financial, managerial and network resources for expansion and growth.

TriVest prefers to invest in quality small to medium sized companies, which possess or promise strong and defendable market positions in growing or fragmented industries. TriVest always co-invests with company