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The NIDF offers an integrated access to three key research and development components, namely scale-up facilities, well equipped characterization laboratories and multi-disciplinary researchers (comprehensive technical support).

Support offered by the NIDF:

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IHS Markit has the deepest source of information, analytics and solutions for the major industries and markets that drive the global economies. Our analytics and experts reveal inter-dependencies across complex industries. By showing the big picture and all the connections, we provide our customers


Proposals should not exceed 20 pages and, where relevant, supporting documentation should be attached as appendices. The following documentation must be included:

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Request for proposals

Proposals are hereby invited from organisations with health, medical device or PPE industry experience and a track record of taking such products to market. The proposal should provide the information as outlined below and any other information that the organisation deems is relevant for the commercial success of the respirator.

7.1 Proposal specifications
The proposal should not exceed 20 pages, and where relevant, supporting documentation should be attached as appendices. The following documentation must be included:

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The novel solar trough plant receiver is customizable based on the solar field needs, providing improvements in the harnessing of solar energy. Unlike conventional parabolic trough solar systems, it has a wider operational temperature range as well as high-efficiency levels which not only reduce...

The skin represents the first physical barrier to protect our bodies from harmful toxins, pathogens and dangerous environmental factors and plays an important role in social and visual experiences. South Africans have used traditional herbal medicinal products to increase immunity in...

With our society facing challenges related to sustainability i.e. resource depletion and waste accumulation, the future success of the chemical and polymer industries relies on the use of renewable feedstocks.

Lignin, one of the main components of non-edible lignocellulosic biomass shows great...

The ‘OggieAir, Clear Face’ respirator provides safe, cooling airflow for users in stressful humid environments. The clear full-face visor allows the user to maintain a human connection with those around them, reducing fear, enabling lip-reading and reassuring facial expression, particularly for...

Many accidents in rural areas are caused by stray animals. These animals, mostly cows and donkeys, are integral to the livelihoods of the rural communities. Furthermore, accidents with large animals are often fatal for the driver or passengers of a car. Cars also sustain significant damage during...