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Agri-Vie is a private equity investment fund focused on food and agribusiness in Sub-Sahara Africa, a foundational sector of the continent’s economies. Agri- Vie harnesses private equity investment disciplines to generate above-average investment returns, while also addressing development impact challenges.

Initiated by the Agri-Vie investment team and Sanlam Private Equity with the cooperation of South African and international investors as well as the Makotulo Consortium, Agri-Vie has consistently grown its role as a trusted investment partner in food & agribusiness.

Investment Focus

As an investor focused on the food and agribusiness value chain, Agri-Vie only in exceptional cases invests directly in stand-alone primary production/farming.

The following sub-sectors relate to our first-order investment focus:

  • Food and beverage FMCG
  • Convenience foods, including fresh-packed and prepared foods
  • Protein products including poultry, aquaculture and beef
  • Value-added dairy products, including yoghurts, desserts, cultured milk
  • Health & wellness products/nutraceuticals
  • Forestry and timber products
  • Agricultural inputs including seeds, bio-friendly fertilisers and crop-protection
  • Food logistics – cold chain, warehousing, distribution
  • Renewable energy
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The Innovation Bridge Portal, an initiative of the Department of Science and Innovation, inspired and supported by the World Bank Group, and the Department of Small Business Development, is inviting ecosystem players and stakeholders to the  Inaugural Launch of the Innovation Bridge Platform and...

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Overview of Investor

Nodus is an independent investment banking business specialising in mergers & acquisitions, buy-outs & private equity.

The Nodus Capital business is focussed on mergers and acquisitions, buy-outs and the raising of capital. We initiate, evaluate, structure and facilitate the implementation and conclusion of corporate transactions and the raising of capital. We see transactions through from start to finish. Private Equity The Nodus Equity business is focussed on private equity. Our investment philosophy is simple: clear investment criteria; a rigorous investment process; and a close working relationship with the management teams we partner with. We never compromise on this philosophy.

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Silvertree Holdings is a holding and operating company that invests in early and mid stage digital companies in Sub-Saharan African markets.

ilvertree is an entrepreneur-led investment growth partner scaling consumer and digital brands in Africa. From founding in 2013, the Silvertree portfolio has grown to include 12 companies employing 400 people across 13 locations in 3 cities. Silvertree follows an owner-operator approach and puts its own capital at risk by investing from its balance sheet and has generated returns of 13x to shareholders in 4 years. We support entrepreneurs by providing them with long-term capital and a dedicated operational platform of 20-plus staff, which has supported annual revenue growth of >100% CAGR over multiple years across the portfolio.

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Phatisa is a leading African private equity fund manager.focused on investments across the African food value chain, plus affordable housing; whilst balancing commercial returns with impact objectives.

Established in 2005, the firm focusses on investments across the African food value chain, plus affordable housing; whilst balancing commercial returns with impact objectives. Phatisa has three funds under management, totalling more than US$ 400 million, managed by a team of over 35 dedicated staff with a proven track record of managing private equity funds and commercial businesses throughout the continent. We speak ~30 languages and represent 11 nationalities. Phatisa is committed to the principle of 'and' – as opposed to 'or'. Meaning, the firm focusses on delivering impact & returns. Planet & profits. Growth & responsibility. As a core tenet, the firm believes that financial performance and impact are mutually exclusive – rather, mutually beneficial. And is driven by a passion to positively impact the lives & livelihoods of African people. Phatisa achieves this ambition by investing into the food value chain and affordable housing - to create inclusive businesses that maintain their commercial focus while addressing societal & environmental challenges.

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One Thousand and One Voices is a private equity company investing around the world.

1K1V invests in sub-Saharan Africa with an exclusive LP base of leading family offices. 1K1V looks to drive economic development and create stable jobs through deploying private family capital. 1K1V targets investments among Sub-Saharan Africa across a variety of sectors, including agribusiness, healthcare and education to name a few. To-date, 1K1V’s investments have created or sustained over 5,600 jobs and financial wellbeing to over 45,000 people.

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Subtropico Limited is a public investment holding company with a focus on the agricultural services sector and related value chains.

We acquire meaningful interests in companies with the potential to generate strong cash returns and growth.

As a well-established and respected investment holding company, our strategy is guided by our vision for the future of the South African market. Subtropico’s investments are highly diversified, yet we keep a strong focus on investing in future-proof industries.

Food is and always will be a fundamental need, and the strong growth of the South African agriculture market reflects this.

In the world of investment, food is widely recognised as one of the biggest areas of opportunity, alongside artificial intelligence (AI) and space.

The outlook for Africa's agricultural sector is also a positive one. This is the type of long-term sustainability that aligns with Subtropico’s investment goals.

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NatProx cc is combining food production with insurance (risk management) and FinTech, in rural communities, and is touching the lives of many farmers by solving multiple challenges which they are facing in the Southern African Development Community (SADC). These challenges include hunger, drought - which is killing livestock, and data collection. 

These three entrepreneurial challenges are managed under one roof, and this is transforming farming in Sub-Saharan Africa. We have our headquarters in Northern Namibia, and we have vast lands where everyone operates together and all depend on each other. The idea is value addition to process.

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Smorgasbord is dedicated to supporting and incubating food start-ups. 

Creating, curating and building new engagement platforms around food and beverage is our mission.

We are concerned with the growing need for sustainable food ecosystems that are accessible to all across the African continent.

And we aim to create public-private-government conversation, participation and action across all sectors of the modern food system.


Our services


Food and beverage trend analysis and delivery from a local, continental and global perspective.


Curating food and beverage dining experiences in spaces and places.


Targeting food and beverage corporations and entrepreneurs whose plans tie into our core vision.

Assistance Areas Offered
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Savant Technology Incubator is a commercially-focused hardware technology incubator, and its headquarters are in South Africa.

It provides bespoke business development and commercialisation support to hardware technology inventors through long-term, risk-based partnerships.

Inventors stand to gain a streamlined journey from minimum viable product development to early market traction, locally and internationally. 


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