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The Prize

EDF/ Dassault Systèmes will give the winner of the challenge the opportunity to design and engineer is concept using best in class Design & Simulation solutions by accessing Dassault Systèmes Public Cloud 3DEXPERIENCE Platform.

Who can apply?

All those who share our passion for tomorrow’s energy solutions.

About EDF

Closing date

The Swiss - SA Venture Leaders Programme hosted by the Technology Innovation Agency and the University of Basel aims to:

Closing date

The Technology Stations Programme (TSP) was established to enable Universities of Technology (UoT) to provide technology development services to small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The Technology Stations (TS) provide innovative Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) solutions for complex

In South Africa and around the world, electrical utilities are required to inspect power lines and their immediate environment to ensure safe and reliable operation of the electrical network. Such inspections are costly and may be prone to human error. In some instances, inspection of power lines is...

Sol-gel Long Lasting Power

These long-lasting and significantly safer batteries are novel because of a sol-gel base. A uniform carbon coating process produces high-performance lithium-ion batteries. This method makes use of organic phosphoric acid as carbon and phosphoric sources to produce the...

A lighting fixture that is designed as a surface-mounted holder for downlights. This surface mounted unit eliminates the need to install additional wiring and wall switches when increasing the number of light fixtures thereby reducing electrical costs. The DIY unit is manufactured from recycled...

Next level energy saving illumination

The Smart Bulb has a sleek design and can be both surface mounted or installed in a traditional downlight style. This is due to multiple adaptors making it compatible with conventional light fittings. The bulb features a 60-degree illumination angle, meaning...

Solar HVAC Live: Reducing Energy Demand for Big Appliances

Solar Assisted Heating and Cooling is an innovation in the Refrigeration and Air-conditioning industry that reduces the energy needed for these essential services. This patent and patent-pending technology is young in the Global space and...

The LiGE Compressor: Storing Energy in Thin Air

The LiGE Compressor can be utilized to produce Compressed Natural Gas and Liquefied Natural Gas and/or Air. Primarily, LiGE uses the Compressor as a vital component of our Qube technology as the compressed air storage unit. However, it can also be...