The Prize

EDF/ Dassault Systèmes will give the winner of the challenge the opportunity to design and engineer is concept using best in class Design & Simulation solutions by accessing Dassault Systèmes Public Cloud 3DEXPERIENCE Platform.

Who can apply?

All those who share our passion for tomorrow’s energy solutions.

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The Swiss - SA Venture Leaders Programme hosted by the Technology Innovation Agency and the University of Basel aims to:

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The Technology Stations Programme (TSP) was established to enable Universities of Technology (UoT) to provide technology development services to small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The Technology Stations (TS) provide innovative Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) solutions for complex

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Founded in 2016, Duma Energy’s mission is to make renewable energy reliable by delivering the world’s most flexible, most durable energy storage systems. The combination of low-cost renewable power generation and our Duma...

The technology relates to an upright tubular fixed-bed reactor body comprising of a heat-dissipating pipe, which extends from the reactor tube wall, to ensure that heat is effectively transferred in highly exothermic reactors such as Fischer-Tropsch, which are prone to heat build-up. The heat pipe...

Photonics is revolutionising the 21st century with its novel and influential technologies. Even though it is a driving force in accelerating economic growth, South Africa and the rest of Africa has a minuscule market share of this growing economy. One of the major contributing factors to this lack

UKZN Researchers have developed a low-cost single phase PV inverter system suitable for supplying the total domestic electric load of an average household. The prices of PV modules have continued fall in the last few years, raising the hopes that largescale domestic PV systems could become...

In South Africa and around the world, electrical utilities are required to inspect power lines and their immediate environment to ensure safe and reliable operation of the electrical network. Such inspections are costly and may be prone to human error. In some instances, inspection of power lines is...