Acalytica provides a comprehensive platform for entrepreneurs to grow their businesses, with a focus on practical and hands-on courses and tools. Our tools include:

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  6. Courses

Acalytica was born out of the founder's frustration after attending a number of "entrepreneurship training courses" that were too theoretical and did not directly impact his startup. He noticed that training providers had to hunt around for tools to accompany their courses. To solve for this, Acalytica was formed as

We are a Global Investment firm registered in the United Kingdom. We offer Debt Funding for a safe moderate and sustainable return of interest/profit.


As the global demand for quality pharmaceutical products continues to grow, conventional production platforms are facing severe limitations in terms of scalability, long production times and high costs.

In recent years, the production of heterologous proteins using plant expression...

We have developed a universal, remote and digital interpretation system for polymerase chain reaction (PCR) results that allow for point-of-care diagnosis.
Our process automatically analyses the PCR data, using programmed predetermined expert input to determine the threshold and cycle...

Surfactants are amphipathic molecules with both hydrophilic and hydrophobic moieties that partition preferentially at the interface between fluid phases such as oil/water or air/water interfaces. Such characteristics confer excellent detergency, emulsifying, foaming, and dispersing traits, which...

The collection and preservation of biological material for further DNA and RNA analysis are critical to many biomedical fields, from medical diagnostics to forensics and biodiversity conservation.

The Forensic DNA lab at the University of the Western Cape has developed a novel, proprietary DNA...

Baobab LIMS is an African-led innovation that was developed as part of the B3Africa consortium. It is an affordable sample and laboratory management tool for biobanking that has been implemented in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs), who previously (due in part to financial constraints), were...

The Centre for Proteomic & Genomic Research (CPGR) is a non-profit company located in Cape Town, South Africa, based on an initiative by the Department of Science and Innovation (DSI), and financially supported by the Technology Innovation Agency (TIA). The CPGR combines state-of-the-art information-rich genomic and proteomic ('omics') technologies with bio-computational pipelines to render services and support projects in the life science and biomedical arena in South Africa, all run in an ISO 9001:2015 certified and ISO 17025 compliant quality management system.

Among others, the CPGR has

eGolibio is a South African life science incubator supporting SMEs with products and business development. It supports enterprises in the life science sector with product refinement, market access, networking, training and access to funding.

Its activities are aligned with the Department of Science and innovation (DSI) National Biotechnology Strategy (NBS) in the development of the bioeconomy.

The NBS reflects the government's commitment to biotechnology as an important source of future economic growth and is aligned with many developing and developed countries which invest heavily in

South Africa harbours the highest number of rape incidents in the world, and sexual assault and rape cases in the entire SADC region are estimated at a minimum of 55 000 cases per year. Crime scene investigations utilise DNA technology on a regular basis. In cases of rape or sexual abuse, male...