The Cape Innovation & Technology Initiative (CiTi) is a Non Profit Company with a mission to build a future-proof, inclusive society through technology and innovation. CiTi was established in 1999 and works at the intersection of business, government and society to positively shape the future of the

The DSI has identified biocatalysis as one of the key enabling technologies to support the development of a sustainable industrial bio-economy sector in South Africa.  The CSIR has been tasked with implementing the IBH by the DSI and TIA.

The key objectives of the IBH are:

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 Entrepreneurs who/organisation that:

  • Will be able to develop applications and markets for materials;
  • Are keen to collaborate and improve their product range and applications;
  • Have the resources and motivation to implement the technology;
  • Have the means to commercialise the technology;
  • Have demonstrated good business acumen and strategy; and
  • Willing to invest financially.  


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As the global demand for quality pharmaceutical products continues to grow, conventional production platforms are facing severe limitations in terms of scalability, long production times and high costs.

In recent years, the production of heterologous proteins using plant expression...

Avril Biopharma is a future-of-medicine company developing the tools, platforms and products to enable biotechnology innovation.  Our current business model is a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) offering to develop, characterize, optimize and scale production of recombinant proteins or nanoparticles.  Our proprietary platform is comprised of Structural Genetics (TM),  AdCEV (TM)/Egg technologies, and turn-key AGRIPHARM Modular Manufacturing systems for manufacturing with our technology.

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Avril Biopharma can design and manufacture bespoke, gene-based synthetic biology products.  Our business model is focused on simplifying manufacturing for next-generation medical and veterinary products.  We are developing technologies and partnerships to make complex, custom-made, biological

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