TN African Retail and Investment is a female (youth)-led company that works in a variety of industries, including food, telecommunications, transportation, retail, and agriculture. The goal of the various features is to advance women's status in the workplace by giving them leadership roles and empowering them to make positive changes. There are a variety of projects in the aforementioned industries that have either scaled into profits or are still in the ideation phase. The company strongly encourages economic development by investing in and using its own resources to generate some of its end

Prince Castle focuses on the production of braai Charcoal and briquettes/wood within Namibia and in SADC.

A. Promise Investment is a standard and honorable registered start-up company with a vision to bring the best, environmentally sustainable, affordable clean green energy products and fuels with more advanced efficient technological systems and engineering applicable products to the construction, mining, transportation and road, marine, and agriculture industries, as well as local clients. We seek to reduce carbon footprint emissions, clear land fills, raise awareness of environmental sustainability and preservation, and produce green end products by reusing polymer waste through pyrolysis. We

We into farming, we have a farming app. We in Tech and AI, we do Drones manufacturing. 

The Institutes of Advanced Tooling (IAT) –  Stellenbosch University (SU) vision is to work towards a national effort to build the innovation capacity of the South African tooling industry. The IAT works with companies aiming to improve their competitive position towards domestic and international competitors change tooling manufacture from a resource-driven to a knowledge-driven process by offering a well-balanced combination of technology enablers for all steps of the extended life cycle to small-medium enterprises (SME’s) in the tooling sector.

The IAT aims to create a foundation for a

We develop interactive and immersive virtual environments for practical training, product development and virtual commissioning. To alleviate the challenges of accessing immersive hardware, we assist in setting up virtual labs to create new business ventures and activate the third stream of income for existing enterprises. 

Pro Groovist Clothing is a clothing company that sells both winter and summer clothing such as hoodies, shorts, t-shirts, jogger pants, beanies, and caps.

Amnova Tech is at the forefront of making it possible for people and organizations to create on a scale that has never been thought possible. We manufacture a variety of proprietary additive manufacturing technologies, ranging from large-format industrial hybrid 3D printers to educational 3D printers.

Utilize our technology to bring your concepts to life, and use our rapid prototyping services to get your products to market more quickly.

welding with ARC and CO2

My business is about manufacturing of toilet paper and also help to build the economy of ou country and decrease unemployment in our country.