VeristicPrint Biometrics System is a software package that has the ability to acquire a coloured photograph of a finger through a digital imaging device (e.g. Smartphone, Webcam, Digital camera etc.) and converts it into a conventional grayscale fingerprint image. Furthermore, the biometric features...

A novel spurious suppression method is applied to suppress undesired harmonics and mixing products in radio frequency (RF) signals that reduce the signal's spurious-free dynamic range (SFDR). The method employs real-time digital signal processing to cancel undesired spurious signals and so improve...

The researchers at Stellenbosch University have developed a technology for the radiometric correction of high spatial resolution imagery (aerial or UAV).  The imagery is calibrated to approximate surface reflectance by fusing with concurrent and collocated satellite imagery.  The technique allows...


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As the global demand for quality pharmaceutical products continues to grow, conventional production platforms are facing severe limitations in terms of scalability, long production times and high costs.

In recent years, the production of heterologous proteins using plant expression...

The Department of Small Business Development (DSBD) through its implementation agency, the Small Enterprise Development Agency (Seda), aims to address challenges experienced by youth in accessing entrepreneurial opportunities through partnerships with suitable Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Colleges and Universities to provide Incubation: Technical and Business Development Support to enterprises, through the establishment of Centres for Entrepreneurship Rapid Incubators (CFERIs) in previously underserviced rural and township areas across provinces.

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Cellulose and Chitin are the two most abundant natural biopolymers in the world. Both are characterised as water‑insoluble in their natural states. 

Chitin is a white, hard, inelastic polysaccharide found primarily in the exoskeleton and internal structures of invertebrates such as...

The Impact Catalyst will be welcoming the Northern Cape to its cohort of provinces. The launch of the Impact Catalyst Northern Cape will be virtually. 

Key topics that will be discussed:

  • Benefits of public-private partnerships to deliver positive and sustainable socio-economic change.
  • T...
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Under a unique tripartite partnership NEPAD, CSIR and Stellenbosch University will upscale and commercialise home-grown innovations on the continent. Join us on 22 June 2021 for the launch of the AUDA-NEPAD Centre of Excellence in Science, Technology and Innovation.

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