In a COVID-context there is a necessity for social distancing. Consequently, managers of public spaces or institutions may be tasked with the enforcement or monitoring of this requirement. A result is that the real-time tracking of pedestrian movement in public spaces has become a growing reality.


MaskMonitor is a software application developed at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology to detect human faces as they pass a camera with the purpose of determining whether they are wearing a mask properly or not. MaskMonitor uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms to...

The ultimate aim of a modern-day communications system is to transmit data using a high bandwidth link, while at the same time ensuring that the link is secure. High-bandwidth classical communications links are presently available and under continuous development the world over. In parallel...

The researchers at Stellenbosch University have developed a technology for the radiometric correction of high spatial resolution imagery (aerial or UAV).  The imagery is calibrated to approximate surface reflectance by fusing with concurrent and collocated satellite imagery.  The technique allows...

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Conventional narrow-bandwidth low-noise amplifiers (LNA’s) can achieve noise figures close to the theoretical minimum noise figure of the high electron mobility transistor  (HEMT) devices that are being used (red curve). The wider the bandwidth, however, the more difficult it becomes to achieve a...

Thematic Areas

  • Local Economies
  • Circularity
  • Supply Chains
  • Agroecology


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