Botswana Innovation Hub will once again host Innovation Botswana Day, the fourth installment of Botswana Innovation Day taking place at the Hub’s Science and Technology Park. Innovation Botswana Day is an opportunity for innovators, new and existing, to showcase their works.

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A Deep Learning IndabaX is a locally-organized Deep Learning Indaba conference that helps ensure that knowledge and capacity in machine learning are spread more widely across the African continent. As a community-driven off-shoot of the Deep Learning Indaba, the events are typically organised by...

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8th Season Capital is a private investment firm focused on African Venture Capital. 8th Season Capital backs innovation-driven and technology-enabled entrepreneurs across Africa through primary and secondary investments in venture capital funds and where opportunities present themselves, through direct company co-investments.

Mzanzi Network is a company that provides metal fabrication services such as; 

  • Management Software - A manufacturing software package that enables Management to monitor the progress of all work on the production floor.
  • AMADA Direct Drive Fibre Laser
  • AMADA Direct drive fibre laser cutting machine with a 2kw
  • Oscillator and NC Auto Focus Control System and Active Cut
  • AMADA Direct Drive Fibre Laser

The Jobs Fund and the South African National Treasury will be hosting a webinar discussing innovative funding instruments for achieving greater social impact - the case for challenge fund. 

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innobiz DUT Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation is a Durban University of Technology private entity registered under the South African Companies Act as a Non-Profit Company (NPC). The entity serves as an umbrella body for all DUT entrepreneurial units offering both theoretical and technical entrepreneurial learning, business support, and related activities. The offerings of innobiz DUT Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation are biased towards students based in Midlands and Durban, neighboring communities, and local entrepreneurs. Our core business is to produce entrepreneurs with a

rise in partnership with the Innovation Bridge Portal and the Entrepreneurship Network will be hosting an information session on the IBP500 Program Information Session and a networking event for startups, aspiring entrepreneurs, and role players in the ecosystem.  

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TN African Retail and Investment is a female (youth)-led company that works in a variety of industries, including food, telecommunications, transportation, retail, and agriculture. The goal of the various features is to advance women's status in the workplace by giving them leadership roles and empowering them to make positive changes. There are a variety of projects in the aforementioned industries that have either scaled into profits or are still in the ideation phase. The company strongly encourages economic development by investing in and using its own resources to generate some of its end

Torphil Trading CC has developed into a diversified company that offers concessions, procurement, logistics, maintenance, and road building. In addition to creating public sculptures, this is done with the help of a resource-engaged, established, and expanding worldwide clientele. The positioning statement of the corporation captures its business strategy ( working in support of the optimal modern business environment). It depends on the need for services like cleaning, security, and plumbing. The business has a defined plan for creating a distinctive value proposition for customers by

APN Investments is a start-up that focuses on the supply and delivery of IT equipment, printing solutions, construction, and supply of medical equipment and consumables.