The National Public Health Laboratory (NPHL) is the nerve center of the Gambia’s national anti-covid19 strategy. In recent weeks we have worked closely with colleagues at the MRC Unit the Gambia at LSHTM to develop COVID-19 diagnostic testing capacity at NPHL. As a COVID-19 testing center we can contribute towards increasing national testing capacity. However, with only two testing centers in the Gambia and limited resources to meet the potential demand for high numbers of tests, there is a dire need to explore innovative solutions for scaling up COVID-19 testing capacity in a short space of

COVID-19 Biosensing kit will be used to detect the virus via antigen-antibody reaction. Nanoparticle synthetic platform will be functional with antibody-immobilized complex and be fitted in a plastic device. By spitting and blowing on the device antibody-antigen interaction signal mechanism will indicate positive or negative results. 


- The desired nanoparticles will be synthesised with functionality of immobilised pecific Covid-19 antibodies to make testing model
-Characterization of testing model 
-Parkaging the model to a device

COVID-19 Biosensing kit will be used

The incentive is aimed at encouraging private sector businesses to invest in and conduct R&D in South Africa. With increased R&D, businesses can enhance innovative capability and create new products, processes, devices and techniques, and/or improve existing ones.

THRIP is a cost-sharing grant of up to R8 million per annum for a period of 3 years for approved projects engaged in applied research and development (R&D) in science, engineering and technology.