This Integrated Algal Ponding System (IAPS) is capable of treating wastewater from multiple sources, including industrial, abattoir, tannery, winery, distillery, acid mine drainage waste and domestic sewage wastewater. The IAPS treats, recovers and reuses water, yielding high quality disinfected water. This purified water is of a quality comparable to water obtained from using traditional biological or physicochemical treatment processes. The High Rate Algae Pond (HRAP) raises the pH of the treated waters, and a pH of 9.2 for 24 hours will provide a 100% kill of E. coli and pathogenic bacteria. Further, the application of water recycle and reuse in horticulture job creation has also been successfully demonstrated, and algal biomass is produced which can be beneficiated and commercially exploited in the form of fertiliser, to name just one potential application. It is important to understand that this technology essentially combines sewage/wastewater treatment and water purification and reuse into one seamless process, saving space and other resources compared to other existing technologies.

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