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Goal 14: Life below water
Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources

Advancing the sustainable use and conservation of the oceans continues to require effective strategies and management to combat the adverse effects of overfishing, growing ocean acidification and worsening coastal eutrophication. The expansion of protected areas for marine biodiversity, intensification of research capacity and increases in ocean science funding remain critically important to preserve marine resources.


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Nelson Mandela University

The project aims to develop, optimise & demonstrate integrated microalgae cultivation in conjunction with aquaponics and/or hydroponics in an environmentally friendly, renewable and sustainable...

Durban University of Technology

Aquaculture Feed from Microalgae: Fish Food That Isn’t Fishy

Commercial aquaculture represents the fastest-growing food production industry in the world. Traditional fishmeal used in aquaculture is...


SharkSafe Barrier: Net Free, Shark Free This barrier overwhelms sharks’ sensory system by stimulating their electro-receptors, and effective repellent that does not affect other bony fish and marine...