IHS Markit has the deepest source of information, analytics and solutions for the major industries and markets that drive the global economies. Our analytics and experts reveal inter-dependencies across complex industries. By showing the big picture and all the connections, we provide our customers with insights and perspective on what really matters. We offer our customers solutions to help them operate more efficiently and make more informed decisions to secure their future. 

IHS Markit overlays this integrated content with analytical and problem-solving capabilities designed with the technical professional in mind, accelerating decision-making. As a result:

  • Product teams deliver innovations to market ahead of the competition
  • Researchers discover more efficient processes sooner
  • Engineers solve problems faster - driving growth, profitability and risk mitigation

What sets the IHS Markit product offering apart is its customisability.

Research Assistant: A powerful content analysis toolset enabling engineers to quickly navigate a large body of internal/corporate and third-party reference content and drill down to specific answers. Research Assistant is like a subject matter expert working beside you, organizing search results and guiding you to the precise information you need within your content library.

Patent Intelligence: A powerful graphical toolset that allows users to analyse technology trends and patent information based on over 60 million patents.

Engineering Workbench combines content, analytics and tools to allow engineers to discover solutions to technical challenges quickly, accelerating problem solving and innovation, and minimizing risk. Most of our clients currently use engineering workbench as a standards management tool. Engineering Workbench or EWB allows our clients the ability to build a customised site wide standards library compiled of the exact standards they need. This license allows the organisation to offer access to its users, where they can search and view standards online, download pdf versions of standards and where needed make printed versions of standards. Our portal currently houses 1.8 million standards from 480 standards development organisations such as API, ISO, AWS, ASME to name a few.

Internal Standards Management & Optimization Identify and eliminate deviation from industry standards to ensure compliance and prevent over-specifying that drives unnecessary costs, or integrate your company’s internal documents with external standards and engineering reference content.