Overview of innovation
Avril Biopharma’s main focus is rapid development of diagnostic, vaccine and therapeutic products using bioinformatics to design these products and our AdCEV(TM) protein expression technology to produce them inexpensively in hen eggs.
We are using our platform to address the urgent public-health demand for COVID-19 diagnostic testing and safe vaccine production. We are developing simple point-of-care test-kit products including a 5-10 minute saliva test for SARS-CoV-2 infection using components we can make in hen eggs. With our high yields, enough material for thousands of individual tests could be made in just a dozen eggs.
In addition to safety and high yields, our advantage is that eggs are a tried and trusted manufacturing substrate that is widely used around the world to make vaccines for humans and animals. Our enabling technology is the only way this globally-distributed manufacturing resource can be used in the fight against SARS-COV-2. Our technology platform could be producing products in a matter of weeks. We are seeking partnerships and investment to apply our technology and local production of millions of doses of vaccine and diagnostics at low cost.
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Eluemuno Richard Blyden
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Avril Biopharma, Inc.
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Pharmaceuticals and Biopharmaceuticals
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Technology readiness level 3
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Trade secret
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